Episode 14

November 11, 2021


besea.n | Shang Chi

Hosted by

Ryan Parish Keith Bloomfield Leigh Price Mat Lovell Sam Edwards
besea.n | Shang Chi
Geeky Brummie
besea.n | Shang Chi

Nov 11 2021 | 01:35:05


Show Notes

*Apologies for Ryan's audio, hopefully it's not too off putting, and will be fixed for next issue*

On this extra special issue Geeky Brummie is joined by Amy and Viv from besea.n, a grassroots movement ,created to shine a light on Britain’s East and South East Asians. We talk about the impact of East Asian and South East Asian under-representation and mis-characterisation in cinema and how it affects the wider cultural perception of how East and South East Asians are viewed in western society. We look at if films like Shang Chi are changing this narrative plus we review the film and postulate on what we'd like to see next. 



  • 00:00:00 besean intro, its history and purpose
  • 00:13:25 Asian Cinema, is it tranforming?
  • 00:22:50 Attending the Shang Chi Premiere
  • 00:29:00 The legacy of action focused Asian Cinema
  • 00:35:10 Representation behind the screen
  • 00:39:00 Improving representation in the future
  • 00:42:00 British Born Asian actors, Asian theatre & inspiring the next generation
  • 00:46:50 Eternals, Chloe Zhao and keeping characters static
  • 00:56:00 Politics vs Culture
  • 01:06:30 Shang Chi Review
  • 01:48:24 Outro


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