Issues 24 & 25

August 06, 2016 01:08:11
Issues 24 & 25
Geeky Brummie
Issues 24 & 25

Aug 06 2016 | 01:08:11


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Ryan Parish Keith Bloomfield Leigh Price Mat Lovell

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### Issue 24 The team talk about the latest Netflix hit series _Stranger Things_ , the recent release of _Star Trek: Beyond_ and some of the goings on at the San Diego Comic Con. Phil & Dave learn about a fan-made _Futurama_ film, Producer Guy brings some food into the studio, Ryan makes good use of a bucket and a guest takes it too far on 'Why's it Rubbish'. Originally broadcast 30/07/2016. ### Issue 25 We are joined by Adam White from TF Nation to talk _Transformers_ and what's coming up at this year's convention. The team review _Sinister Squad_... not the one that came out at the cinema with Will Smith, the cheap knock-off straight-to-DVD version. It's Keith's turn to play Pound Shop Cosplay, and things get scary during a round of Top Trumps. Originally broadcast 06/08/2016.

Other Episodes

Episode 23

July 30, 2018 00:56:11
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Issue 1-23

This week on Geeky Brummie we talk toxic Ryan's still on holiday so Phil takes the reins. We discuss about how toxic fanbases are effecting media, LGBTQ+ representation in geekdom and if GLOW is worth yoour time on the release of Season 2. But wait there's more! Guy gets skipping, Keith plays with his omnichord and Phil touches the void. In Weird News its about Prison & Game of Thrones, Animals & Rock Music and Coffee Shops prtoesting about Coffee Shops. Listen Live - Follow Brum Radio on Twitter - Follow GeekyBrummie on Twitter Follow on Instagram - Like us on Facebook - ...



November 26, 2016 01:21:52
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Issues 40 & 41

### Issue 40 This week on Geeky Brummie, it's action packed as ever. The team discuss the their thoughts about the release of _Harry Potter_ spin off _Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them_ , Phil tries to convince Ryan to watch _Gilmore Girls_ , Keith reviews _Battlezone_ on the Playstation VR, and the award-winning Dave Massey takes on _Until Dawn_ again on the VR in some previously unheard audio. To wrap it up, there's a truly bizarre round of Top Trumps. Originally broadcast 19/11/2016. ### Issue 41 Ryan and George talk about their recent visit to MCM in Birmingham, and also show the team some random products they purchased whilst there; there is also highlights of 'Girl Power', George's recent talk at the Gunmaker's Arms about women in comics. The team discuss the Birmingham German Market in this weeks 'Why's it Rubbish?' and Guy reviews _Watch Dogs 2_ on the PS4 (sort of). Originally broadcast 26/11/2016 ...


Episode 5

March 12, 2018 00:49:14
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Issue 1-05

This week on Geeky Brummie we get lost in the woods. We speak to author James Brogden about his new novel The Hollow Tree and the folk legend which inspired it, shead of it's release on 13th March. In preparation for MCM Comic Con Birmingham next week (17th / 18th March 2018) We revisit our interviews recorded with Denise Crosby and Veronica Taylor. But wait! There's more! We chat about Clippy, possibly the worst animated movie ever made, A twitter-tinder spinoff, Kallen doesnt understand a joke and Nate and Phil have Twitter beef... Follow James Brogden on Twitter - Find the Hollow Tree at Titan Books - Listen Live - Follow Brum Radio on Twitter - Follow GeekyBrummie on Twitter Follow on Instagram - Like us on Facebook - ...