August 06, 2016


Issues 24 & 25

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Ryan Parish Keith Bloomfield Leigh Price Mat Lovell Sam Edwards
Issues 24 & 25
Geeky Brummie
Issues 24 & 25

Aug 06 2016 | 01:08:11


Show Notes

### Issue 24 The team talk about the latest Netflix hit series _Stranger Things_ , the recent release of _Star Trek: Beyond_ and some of the goings on at the San Diego Comic Con. Phil & Dave learn about a fan-made _Futurama_ film, Producer Guy brings some food into the studio, Ryan makes good use of a bucket and a guest takes it too far on 'Why's it Rubbish'. Originally broadcast 30/07/2016. ### Issue 25 We are joined by Adam White from TF Nation to talk _Transformers_ and what's coming up at this year's convention. The team review _Sinister Squad_... not the one that came out at the cinema with Will Smith, the cheap knock-off straight-to-DVD version. It's Keith's turn to play Pound Shop Cosplay, and things get scary during a round of Top Trumps. Originally broadcast 06/08/2016.

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