The one where go all Kubrick...

Episode 56 March 30, 2019 01:49:45
The one where go all Kubrick...
Geeky Brummie
The one where go all Kubrick...

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Ryan Parish Keith Bloomfield Leigh Price Mat Lovell

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**How Are You** * Guy gets stuck in a lift * Keith is excited by Keanu news and revisits Telltale Games * Ryan and Leigh go to MCM Comic Con Plus * Variable Walking types * Mark Dascascos * Ainsley Harriot does music * We 'review' the Glastonbury and Woodstock 50 line-ups **Us Review** Jordan Peele's follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Get Out' is in cinemas, but is it up to the same standard, Keith and Guy Review. **Kubrick Retrospective** 20 years since his passing and with the re-release of A Clockwork Orange in the cinemas, we go through Kubrick's career from 'Spartacus' to 'Eyes Wide Shut'. **Record store Day 2019** Record Store Day rolls around again and we highlight some of the better and geekier options available. Buy our merch at: Donate at Follow Geeky Brummie on Twitter - Follow Geeky Goings On on Twitter - Follow Geeky Brummie on Instagram - Like Geeky Brummie on Facebook -

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