September 10, 2016


Issue 30

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Ryan Parish Keith Bloomfield Leigh Price Mat Lovell Sam Edwards
Issue 30
Geeky Brummie
Issue 30

Sep 10 2016 | 01:08:36


Show Notes

A special extended Geeky Brummie. We have a report from George & Dave from TF Nation; featuring interviews with legendary voiceover artist Richard Newman ( _Transformers_ ) Exient Entertainment, Adam White and cosplay expert Isa. We also have an update from our trip to Geek Out at Millennium Point, where we spoke to Imfamous Community Arts, The Magic Photo Mirror and Joypads. Stephen Spieberg was in town filming _Ready Player One_ so we had a look at the book. We also had a look at some upcoming TV pilots too. Originally broadcast on 10/09/2016.

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