The one with Trailer Talk Spring / Summer 2019

Episode 58 April 13, 2019 01:48:52
Geeky Brummie
The one with Trailer Talk Spring / Summer 2019

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Ryan Parish Keith Bloomfield Leigh Price Mat Lovell

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It's time for another round of #TrailerTalk where we dive into the world of whats coming to your screen in 2019: **How Are You** Special guest Sam talks The walking Dead an Russian Doll Keith watches New Amsterdam and is inspired to go clothes shopping Leigh trolls Twitter Jokers Guy falls in love with John Bercow and spends money on furry things Ryan hurts his knee and buys a statue **Weird News** Tom Hiddleston peddles pills **Game Of Thrones - The Final Season** Ryan, Guy and Sam look ahead to the final 6 episodes **Trailer Talk** We look at some of the hottest and some of the nottest trailers around: * Once Upon A Time In Hollywood * Unicorn Store * Pet Semetary * Missing Link * The Dead Don't Die * Brightburn * Aladdin * Dora & The Lost City of Gold * Lucy In The Sky * Toy Story 4 * The Joker Come see Batman with Geeky Brummie Buy our merch at: Donate at Follow Geeky Brummie on Twitter -

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