Episode 2

March 26, 2023


Why does John Wick work? | Steam Deck Anniversary | Movie Quiz | Poundshop Cosplay

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Ryan Parish Keith Bloomfield Leigh Price Mat Lovell Sam Edwards
Why does John Wick work? | Steam Deck Anniversary | Movie Quiz | Poundshop Cosplay
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Why does John Wick work? | Steam Deck Anniversary | Movie Quiz | Poundshop Cosplay

Mar 26 2023 | 01:45:52


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On this issue, it”s a full house! We talk about the popularity of the John Wick Franchise as the fourth film hits the big screen. We celebrate the birthday of […]
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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Hello, and welcome to Match of the Day. I'm Gary Lineker. And to my left is Gary Lineker. [00:00:04] Speaker B: Hi. [00:00:06] Speaker A: And to his left is Gary Lineker. [00:00:08] Speaker C: Hi. [00:00:09] Speaker A: And to his left is Gary Lineker. [00:00:11] Speaker D: Hi. [00:00:12] Speaker A: And to his left is Ms. Gary lineker. [00:00:14] Speaker E: Hi. [00:00:15] Speaker A: And to his left her left is also Gary Lineker. [00:00:18] Speaker F: Hi. [00:00:19] Speaker A: How are we all? It's been a while. This is the most packed we've been for a long, long time. So, of course, I'm your host, Ms. Ryan Parrish. And joining me, miss Keith Bloomfield. [00:00:29] Speaker B: Hello, everybody. [00:00:30] Speaker A: Ms. Lee price. [00:00:30] Speaker C: Hello. [00:00:31] Speaker A: Miss Matt lovell. Hello. Miss Shanice Coulter. And joining us after a long it's been a good few years since we last yeah, mr. Sam Edwards, if you remember, back in the old Brim Radio days. [00:00:44] Speaker B: Hello. [00:00:46] Speaker F: Very brief appearances rather than regular, but yeah. [00:00:49] Speaker B: Yes. [00:00:50] Speaker A: So today we're going to be talking about John Wick four. It is the anniversary of the Steam Deck. So we'll be talking about the Steam Deck. And we'll introduce Matt and maybe play a little bit of a game. But we shall see you shortly. [00:01:06] Speaker E: Eight. [00:01:25] Speaker A: Right. [00:01:25] Speaker B: Coming up on March 24 is the fourth installment of the greatest action franchise of the 21st century, starring Furious, the inconsistent idols, starring the nicest man in Hollywood, Vin Diesel. Mr. Keanu Reed and that film is going to be John Wick Four, which is the fourth entry in the franchise, as you can probably guess from the word four in the title. [00:01:54] Speaker C: I mean, to be fair, there are plenty of franchises where that is not true. [00:01:57] Speaker B: But Stylishly. John Wick puts the four at the end, which is a bit of a deviation from a lot of franchises. You stick it halfway in the middle for some even. [00:02:05] Speaker A: Well, I still don't understand why the third one needed a subtitle and the rest of them haven't. [00:02:10] Speaker B: Yeah, well, it was Parabella. It was fancy. But I'm hoping that this one goes back to more like the second chapter in the franchise, which is my personal favorite so far because I thought that one just expanded the mythos of the films. So anybody who doesn't know John Wick basically the first film starts out with John as a retired assassin who is drawn out of retirement when some bad guys basically kind of kill his dog, which is enough to bring any assassin out of retirement. And he goes on a murder spree for the rest of it with some of the most brilliantly choreographed stunt action ever committed to film, amps it up in the second film, which also features probably one of the greatest endings of a film ever. The third one kind of fumbled the ball a little bit, sent John on a bit more of a kind of globetrotting adventure across meets Halle Berry and a couple of dogs who like to chomp on nuts. And we then are now at the fourth episode of this franchise, which brings in kind of Lawrence Taylor and Lance Ruddick and Ian McShane, who is basically Lovejoy, and he's hopefully going to take the action beyond anything we've seen before. People who have seen it already have kind of said it's the most spectacular of the franchise so far, and I'm kind of kind of looking forward to it, really. I'm quite excited. [00:03:39] Speaker E: I can ask you a question, Keith. When you said for anyone who doesn't know, and then you exclusively stared down Matt, is that why Matt's way of saying he hasn't seen John Wick? [00:03:47] Speaker B: Or was that I'm not sure. I'm not sure. Matt would be kind of into, have you seen John Wick? [00:03:55] Speaker D: I've not seen any of the John. [00:03:56] Speaker B: Wicks, but it's not through senses were tingling. [00:03:59] Speaker D: It's not through the fact that I wouldn't want to watch them. I've just never sat down to watch them, really. [00:04:06] Speaker B: Well, luckily for you, all three films are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime. So if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can see all three of the John Wick films at no extra cost. Well, if you're a prime member, yeah, but they're probably only a couple of quid on itunes. [00:04:23] Speaker C: I do need to rewatch the first two because I don't remember what happened in either of them. [00:04:27] Speaker A: I think the plot for all of them is pretty paper thin, to be honest. John Wick kills lots of people in interesting, spectacular murder. I know Chad Stahelski, so he is was he Keanu Reeves'stunt double for a long time? [00:04:43] Speaker B: He was definitely involved with his stunts in things like The Matrix and whatnot. [00:04:47] Speaker A: So he's basically been the director all the way through this franchise? [00:04:51] Speaker B: Yeah, he's kind of been the director on all four as well. There was other people involved across the first episode as well. Kind of an uncredited guy. His name is I've forgotten, but Ryan will tell me which one. [00:05:11] Speaker A: Which. Scott Atkins? [00:05:13] Speaker B: No, you want the first film. [00:05:15] Speaker A: Oh, going back. [00:05:18] Speaker B: Just fill the time. [00:05:19] Speaker A: Just one moment. [00:05:20] Speaker C: Just watch. [00:05:21] Speaker B: Pop off and watch. John Wick. [00:05:22] Speaker A: One, two, so John Wick one, so we had Be the creator. Directed by Chad Stahlski written by Derek Colstead yeah. [00:05:31] Speaker B: Derek Colstead. Yeah. He kind of kind of co directed the first one. Uncoredited thing. Yeah, but the first one kind of is more your kind of average action flick kind of standard kind of fare. But it's where two it introduces the whole kind of, like, mythos of what all these assassins are kind of bigs up. The continental, which is a kind of international safe space for any assassin to kind of go and relax. Common appears in it. There's loads of great action sequences in all the films. He stabs somebody with a pencil. It's stunning. [00:06:02] Speaker A: I completely forgot that John Legos army was in the first movie. [00:06:07] Speaker B: Yeah, well, he turns up kind of briefly as well, and there's a cop who kind of knows John's things. I mean, it spawned comic books. There's been a comic book series through Dynamite. There's been two games so far. [00:06:21] Speaker C: I know there's been john Wick. [00:06:22] Speaker B: Hex yeah, I think there was another. [00:06:23] Speaker C: One which was but I don't know about a second one. [00:06:25] Speaker B: I can't remember what the other one was. [00:06:27] Speaker C: I mean, I mostly know about that because of listening to the PLAYWATCH Listen podcast, which has Mike Bithall, who is the director of John Wick X, so he's talked about it a few times. [00:06:35] Speaker A: Yeah, this one was supposed to come out in 2021. [00:06:40] Speaker B: It was going to be out in the same year as the Matrix resurrection sequel. [00:06:44] Speaker A: Yeah, the year of Keanu, because that. [00:06:46] Speaker B: Was going to make John Wick Five back to back with this. But obviously that didn't happen in the end. So there's a fifth film planned. Keanu has said you'll keep making them while they're successful. There's two spin off series. There's the Anna de Armas Ballerina show, which will follow kind of some of the characters that were kind of introduced in the third film. And also there's going to be a prequel series based around the Continental, so that's kind of like the assassin's hotel across the world. But one of the big things that's come out of this franchise being so successful and this film coming up and this is kind of one for you, Sam, a little bit, is that the discussions come up about Oscars for stunt performers because there has never been one in terms of congratulating the people involved in stunts. And if we think about all the films that we kind of gravitate to in terms of action fair and to be honest, in a lot of other films out of the action genre, the stunt work is something that is always spectacular but never acknowledged. And the people who are working on these films, whether it be the Fast and Furious franchise, john Wick, true Lies, any of the kind of, you know, terminators, all the rest of it. There's a lot of work going on in the stunts. And I think it is time that the academy did acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of very good people. [00:08:06] Speaker C: Well, I was thinking in terms of like, with everything everywhere all at once, getting all those awards, how many stunt performers worked on that? Because so much of it is just martial arts. [00:08:15] Speaker A: I know they have their own version of their own award ceremony, a bit like the globes, et cetera. There's a stunt awards focus. I think the nickname is the stunties, surprisingly, but I know it's gotten a lot more publicly recently. So Corridor Crew, which is one of the bigger YouTube channels. They have something called Stuntmen React, where they'll get people like Scott Adkins on Gee and quite a few stunt people on to explain the process of how they work out the sequence, how they make sure everybody's safe, what kind of injuries that you're going to have on there. So they'll go over and look at Jackie Chan's films from the then look at the impact of those and how that works out. And I think it's got a lot more noticed how much stunt performers put in recently. I think it's one of those things, as I said, the Oscars seem to be missing out on. [00:09:06] Speaker F: Yeah, it's definitely a gap in there because like you say, there's so many different skills that go into it. It's not just what people would first think of as just someone who goes and takes a punch kind of thing. There is all the safety stuff they have to actually be able to act as well. There's a real skill to it and there's a lot of people doing it and they deserve some sort of credit. [00:09:32] Speaker A: It's a technical role. It's the same as being a grip or being an electrician or being on site. [00:09:37] Speaker B: I think the Academy tried to get technician. Yeah, they tried to get around it by saying they don't know who to award it to. But I think if they just for stunts, there's a category for visual effects, there's a category for hair and makeup, there's a category for pretty much everything. I think they could just have a stunts performance and then basically everybody involved in the team on that film get awarded. And it's not like if it's like. [00:10:04] Speaker C: They need someone to come up and do a speech, it should be the stunt coordinator, like the guy in charge of that. [00:10:10] Speaker B: I mean, the teams are going to be big and it's the same with the visual effects kind of when they give visual effects when they give the visual effects on Sunday to Avatar, they're not going to get everybody that worked on it. Population of a small country, but they'll get the lead visualizer best director. [00:10:26] Speaker A: You don't get the second director. You don't get all the assistant directors up on screen, do you? It's just the director that's the figurehead for that film. [00:10:35] Speaker B: So I think if Keanu is behind it, and I think there is a big move and particularly likely says, if something like everything everywhere all at once walks off with that, and even if it's something like all quiet, on the western western front. There's a lot of stunt work going on in there as well, which is. [00:10:53] Speaker C: Exactly the sort of thing you're saying about things you wouldn't think of, would have stunt performances in it. [00:10:58] Speaker B: Yeah, I think if you look back at any of the Oscar winners over the years, somewhere in there will be some kind of stunt order for rings. [00:11:05] Speaker F: And there's more recognition for those sort of big blockbusters that will have more stunt people in as well, like Top Gun and Avatar being nominated for best picture this year. The Oscars are starting to realize that people will the films that everyone pays to see are also sometimes good films. [00:11:24] Speaker A: Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's bad. I think that's what they need to get out of this whole phrase of that's always been the thing with the Oscars, just because they've ignored the popular movies as MCU, which I know, Lee. [00:11:38] Speaker C: I mean, that's because they're all bad. [00:11:40] Speaker A: But it's still popular movies. Endgame was the first one that got any kind of recognition because that was, what, 20 movies deep in. And it's like oh, it's kind of a bit like The Return of the King. The Lord of the Rings movies, when they came out, they were the three most popular movies by a mile. And Fellowship and Two Towers got nothing at all. And then it was Return of the King, the most lauded film ever, which has now just been overtaken by everything. [00:12:04] Speaker C: Everywhere, all at once. [00:12:06] Speaker F: I'd say Black Panther was probably the first one that got recognition at the Oscars. I think got nominated for Best Picture, but certainly a few other nominations as well. [00:12:16] Speaker A: Yeah, but I think not really win anything until Endgame. That one quite a few. But do we think John Wick's running out of steam, though? [00:12:28] Speaker B: No, because it's got Keanu in it. [00:12:32] Speaker A: So did Cyberpunk Keith. I'm still damaged from that. [00:12:35] Speaker E: I mean, if it does die down, you've always got the manga sort of equivalent of it called Sakamoto Days. Retired assassin. Slightly rotund. Adorable. Keanu Reeves isn't rotund, but it's that retired assassin. Something pulls him back into the world. He is having to get involved in the world to make sure his family's safe. It's brilliant. It's absolutely brilliant. The art style on that is cracking. So if John Wick ever dies out, you've got Sakamoto days. [00:12:59] Speaker B: And even better than that, I'm currently reading a comic book series called Good Boy, which is basically what if it was the opposite way around and it was the human who died and the dog that went on an avenging rampage of murder? [00:13:12] Speaker E: You mentioned this last time. [00:13:14] Speaker B: I think it's great. [00:13:15] Speaker F: It's preposterous. [00:13:16] Speaker B: But I think the thing with John Wick, what I love about the series is it doesn't take itself seriously outside of its it created a world and it sticks within it. And so I think the the first film very much plays to the kind of normal kind of action tropes, and the second one just doubles down on all of the kind of, like huge kind of hidden behind the scenes assassins. You've got telephonists with telex machines putting out bounties on everybody. And the ending on that film when they put the bounty out on John at the end because he goes against the rules of being an assassin, it's just a phenomenal ending of a film. I love it. It made me want the third one even more. And it's one of those few occasions where I come out of a film and go, I want to go and see that right away again. But I thought Parabellum dropped the ball a little bit, felt a bit muddled. Felt like it was just treading water a little bit. [00:14:12] Speaker A: I think Mark de Cascos was a bad pick for the villain in that because all I could think of was Iron Chef when he's wandering around, just like, going to pull out a pepper at some point. [00:14:21] Speaker B: He was dying. Freeman in a few of the films. [00:14:23] Speaker A: Before, and he's been in a couple crying. [00:14:24] Speaker B: Freeman, you mean. I think if you like action and you don't like cars much, but saying that he does drive a cool car as well. And I think they probably don't say family as much. Although there is a family as well. And there's no Vin Diesel first. [00:14:45] Speaker C: And the furious John Wick crossover one. [00:14:47] Speaker B: You know what? I would actually probably watch that if it went down that there was a John Wick. If we get to the point in the franchise where it's like John Wick tent. [00:14:56] Speaker A: John Wick in space. [00:14:57] Speaker B: Yeah. John Wick in space. John Wick versus Vin Diesel. I don't know why his name is in the character character he plays, but. [00:15:03] Speaker A: Yeah, the character he plays is Vin Diesel. [00:15:09] Speaker B: But I do truly believe it is one of the greatest action franchises of the 21st century. And I think people should give it a try. [00:15:15] Speaker C: I definitely enjoyed it. I just don't remember anything that happened in those. [00:15:18] Speaker A: So you got Donnie N, Bill Scarsgard and Clancy Brown, I think, into this one. So, interesting mix because it's going after the high table if you followed the previous franchise. But, yeah, so out very soon over. [00:15:31] Speaker B: Here, March 24 in the UK. [00:15:33] Speaker A: And I think it's May 23 or something in the US. [00:15:37] Speaker B: Suck it. [00:15:38] Speaker A: Americans get something first for a change. [00:15:41] Speaker C: Yeah, normally it's the other way around. [00:15:42] Speaker A: So Keith will be there opening night and we'll probably have a review. [00:15:45] Speaker B: I'll tell you my thoughts on John Wick four as soon as I get back from it. [00:15:49] Speaker C: All right. So that's a whole episode booked for Keith to talk about John and for. [00:15:54] Speaker E: Matt to just sit in front of him just getting informed. [00:15:57] Speaker B: Yeah. Obviously, there'll be some presentation. [00:16:03] Speaker A: There'll be Keanu's career from the beginning. [00:16:06] Speaker B: I shall pose my John Wick action figure to reproduce sequences from the film for. [00:16:13] Speaker A: Yeah, that'd be good. [00:16:14] Speaker E: Cool. [00:16:15] Speaker A: Don't get an Ian McShane action figure, though, do. [00:16:17] Speaker E: God, I'd really love can you get a dead dog figure or is that too far? [00:16:22] Speaker B: That's probably a bit more. [00:16:24] Speaker A: You can probably just get a dog and just put it on its side. Just got a lovejoy figure in my head. [00:16:35] Speaker C: So the Steam deck is a year old. Now, as you might know, this is the valve made handheld device which hooks up to the Steam service and allows you to play your Steam library on the go. Basically released February 25, 2022. And it's mostly a handheld, but you can plug it into your monitor. Correct. I'm not the person to talk about all the tech side of things because I am terrible at any of that, but it's very good from the brief bit of playing with it that I did today. This is Ryan's own Steam deck that he brought from home. [00:17:17] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:17:18] Speaker A: So this was the 512 gigabit model, because there's a 128 gig, 256 gig and a 512 gig. [00:17:26] Speaker C: Why would you get the lowest size one? [00:17:28] Speaker A: Well, the reason I went for the 512 was because the base and the mid model have a really horrible glossy screen, where this one has kind of like a nano etched coating, which makes it a bit more visible outside of the house. And you can upgrade it with micro SD storage. So you could enhance that 128 gig storage if you bought the base model. But it's the screen that I think makes the big difference. [00:17:53] Speaker C: All I can think of with the lowest size one is just like Call of Duty. War Zone would just take up all of that. Not that I would play it, but. [00:18:06] Speaker A: The reason I thought we'd have a discussion, because it's been out for a year, it's never going to do switch numbers as such. [00:18:13] Speaker C: Yeah. It's not going to be the third best selling console of all time, but. [00:18:16] Speaker A: We'Ve all had a bit of a go on it. I think we're all playing a bit Doom earlier, so I was just wondering what your impressions are of it as a console. I love it. It's great for when I'm out and it's great for when I'm on the go, but it just feels slightly too wide. [00:18:32] Speaker C: I think for it is big, but I mean, like, playing around with Doom on it, it's genuinely kind of impressive just how good it looks and how well it runs. [00:18:43] Speaker A: Yeah. So I think it's a 720p screen, 1280 by 800, so slightly over 720p. But for something that's seven inches big, I think that's a perfectly reasonable trade off. You don't need a 4K screen on a device that size. [00:18:58] Speaker C: Some people will argue that you do, considering how many people complain about the switch not having a 4K screen. But, you know yes. [00:19:04] Speaker B: I mean, what's the refresh rate on it? [00:19:07] Speaker A: 60. If there was a Steam dock, which goes alongside the Steam deck, which I've still not been able to get over here in the UK, I think it's us only at the moment, which is really annoying. But if you dock it, you can run up to eight k at 60 Hz, or four k at one hundred and twenty hertz, which is pretty strong performance. I don't know, because we've all got switches in the room, so I just thought it'd be good to have a comparison and see what we think compared to it. [00:19:37] Speaker B: What's the library like in terms of are there Steam games that are incompatible with it? Yes. [00:19:44] Speaker A: So there is a giant laundry list of every game on the Steam service, and I think they're going through and saying this one's good on Steam or this one can play, but you might a few bugs. It's a bit like if you think back into the days of if you ever downloaded an emulator, there's the standard games which will run perfectly smooth, perfectly fine, because it's Linux based. So any game that's natively Linux runs perfectly fine on Steam Deck there'll be some which have the little quirks and features where some sounds might be missing or some textures might be missing and then there's just broken unplayable stuff. So I think if we ever played a SNES emulator back in the day, there was always a big issue around the games using the 3D effects chips. [00:20:27] Speaker C: Where like most, I think that was why Starfox and Super Mario RPG. And something else, I think possibly Yoshi's Island just didn't release on the Wi virtual console because of issues like that, because they hadn't quite figured out the emulation issues yet they'll run now. [00:20:46] Speaker A: But I just thought to me personally, I think it's probably the best way of getting PC gaming into people's hands. If you've not got your own PC, not got time to build one. It kind of bridges that gap between what we think of as a console like an Xbox, a PlayStation Five, a switch and a gaming PC as such. [00:21:08] Speaker B: With the form factor, I can see that it would work for things like first person shooters and whatnot, but one of the big kind of stalwarts of PC gaming is kind of strategy games and stuff. Does that work on a screen that small? [00:21:21] Speaker A: That's why it has a docked mode, basically, so you can get docs. There's loads of docks in Amazon and it runs everything off USB C, I think it's Thunderbolt. So basically plug it in and then you get HDMI, multiple USBs. So what you can do is I've got a dock that sits alongside that, you slot it in, put the USBC cable in and then it breaks out into those so you could functionally use that as a full on PC. And some people have actually put Windows on them and used them as their actual portable PC rather than taking a laptop with them, which is quite shocking, to be honest. [00:21:53] Speaker C: That was the thing that I always thought when it was announced was just like, oh yeah, there's plenty of games that would run really good on that. And then I look at Sieve in my library and I'm just like, absolutely not. It's not something I'd run handheld saying. [00:22:05] Speaker D: That though, because Sieve is on switch. [00:22:07] Speaker C: So I've got it, but even then I'm like, I wouldn't it's complicated, but you can, you can still do it. But why would you is my thinking. Well, nothing else, it supports Bluetooth as well. [00:22:18] Speaker A: So if you are running that breakout cable, we can still use a Steam controller if you've got one gathering dust somewhere in your house the three people. [00:22:26] Speaker C: In the world who own a Steam. [00:22:27] Speaker A: Controller or a PS Five controller, Xbox controller or even a Google Stadia controller. If you got one of those floating. [00:22:36] Speaker B: Around, they can never excited over there. What's its kind of multimedia functionality? Because one of the things with Switch is people use it to watch YouTube and do other things. Have you got all of that kind of multimedia stuff? [00:22:49] Speaker A: So you can install any Chromium based browser, so you can put Edge on there, you can put Chrome itself and think there's a firefox out there for it as well. Now it's basically the same as any Linux distro. So if you're running something like Mint or Red Hat or any of those Linux distros you could you could use one of those distros. But I've got the Edge browser installed on that and you can actually do so if you've got Game Pass and do GameStream, there's basically a workaround where you can use the Edge browser to do GameStream to your Steam deck so you could even access your Game Pass library. [00:23:25] Speaker C: I'm sure I've heard people have actually managed to get the Xbox thing running itself properly. [00:23:30] Speaker A: I've not delved into that as much, to be honest, because I've got enough games on Steam and I think so out of the over 1000 games I have on Steam, I think over I think it's 122 are great on deck, it's how they rate them. And then there's another raft of games which are this will run reasonably. [00:23:48] Speaker C: I feel sorry for whoever had to go through the entire Steam library to assess them all because first of all, so many of them, but also there's so many just hentai games. [00:24:00] Speaker E: Most of which are just sudoku with a dirty. [00:24:02] Speaker B: Background, the genuine fury. [00:24:08] Speaker E: Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily all core, this is going to sort me out for the night, but I'm also a little bit like don't lie to me, I haven't bought them. [00:24:16] Speaker D: But as a result you're very good at steak. [00:24:18] Speaker A: I've never seen those pop up in a public. [00:24:24] Speaker D: I think with the Steam deck, one of the kind of what we were saying earlier, it's how it diversifies and provides PC gamers like diversity as well. So one of my friends, we're very avid PC gamers, but he's got a very small child so he's there being like I can't play my games and sort of mind my child but actually he can play some of his indie games on his Steam deck while they're in the room and that kind of thing. And quite a few other people who I know who've got Steam decks are saying things like it's brilliant. So I can finally start going through my indie library on Steam because when I'm on my PC I will be playing my AA games. So actually it provides that bit more extra versatility I think as well. [00:25:20] Speaker B: I will say that again, versatility. [00:25:24] Speaker A: I think one of the joys for me is it means that I can still spend time with BIV and be in the same room as her and not be there hunched over my PC. Because that's your traditional PC gaming experiences. You sat there with the keyboard and mouse and tunnel visioned completely into what you're playing. [00:25:40] Speaker C: And as someone who does have a PC that's good enough to play games, there's a lot of times I'm just like, I can't be bothered to play games on PC because it feels like work. Because if I'm on my computer all day, like writing and editing videos and then it's like, now I'm going to go over here and play. That's why the PS Five is basically my main system. [00:26:01] Speaker B: I think it's the same. I'm a Mac user. I've never been a PC user, so I've not a lot outside of Marathon. [00:26:07] Speaker C: You get about four games outside of. [00:26:09] Speaker B: Marathon and the Muppet Treasure Island game. I've never really played games on the Mac and I think for me the form factor and the price where I am with my gaming infrastructure is I've got my Series S for kind of main gaming big titles that's set up with the TV. I've got my Switch, which is predominantly for the Nintendo games, but has got a very good indie library. And I think after that I'm more at the kind of like Game Boy form factor, emulator machines that kind of seem to be dropping out the sky like rain at the moment. We seem to have like a new one launched every other week. So I think for me, the kind of games that they're playing, the form factor and the price just kind of push it to that. Kind of like I'd like one, but I don't think I can justify it in my kind of I think it. [00:27:04] Speaker A: Gaming lifestyle fulfills a very specific niche of if you've been a PC gamer and like I have been for years and you built a rack of games up onto a library. As such, I would probably never buy anything to put onto the Steam net because I've got so many games on PC that I would never get through. But it means that if I go away, if I'm working overnight somewhere else, I can throw that into a bag and then still play something like Yukuza Zero or Resident Evil Two. [00:27:30] Speaker C: I think this comes to the point when I was saying it's just like I can't be bothered to play on PC. Something like that is great because all the Steam games I've got, if I'm in that mood but I feel like I want to play one of these, I can go on the sofa with it and I can relax with it and it's good for that purpose, I think. [00:27:49] Speaker A: Yeah, and I said, if you don't own an Xbox or a PlayStation and you've come from traditional PC gaming, you could drop that. Into a dock and plug that into your TV and then you're away. [00:27:57] Speaker B: It's certainly easier and more relaxing to play than that Ginormous Scorpion chair at Christmas. [00:28:04] Speaker A: I don't know. Lieback and Sam, you've not really jumped in at this one. I think Shanice is too busy. [00:28:12] Speaker E: The faces are disgusting. I love it. I absolutely love it. Resident Evil Two. [00:28:16] Speaker A: For context, Shanice is playing Resident Evil Two. She doesn't mean the rest of the team. [00:28:24] Speaker E: No, it's brilliant. It is big. So for somebody who doesn't know Steam, I'm not a PC gamer. I'm a little switch. Little Nintendo. Like, oh, that's a super cowie kind of person. But it's definitely I can pick this up and it feels comfortable enough that I'm like, oh, I have enough game logic to just fall into the game. It's a nice portable console. It's heavy as days, but you could really not torn around the edge while you're playing games. It's cool. It looks nice. Yeah, it's funky. I think for a non Steam player, this would encourage me to play it if it didn't have such a high markup. When I'm already a tight ass, I call US because we spend all of our money on gaming strip. [00:29:01] Speaker A: To be honest, it's not actually that much of a high markup. They're actually making a considerable loss on every single sale. If you had a similar spec, something from Aya or the other company can never remember the name. There's quite a few companies, Chinese companies, which are knocking out similar things to a Steam deck, and they're usually Windows based, and it'll be an intel processor or AMD. They're usually coming in around about 1000 to 1200 pounds for a similar spec machine and slightly more functionality because they're Windows based. But that is probably as powerful, if not more than an Xbox One X or PlayStation Four in that form factor, which is the shocking thing about it. [00:29:44] Speaker E: So how much are we saying for this one that I'm holding currently in my hand? [00:29:46] Speaker A: Right, so the launch price of this one close your ears, viv was 569 pounds. I didn't pay that much for it. So the mid one was four five nine, and I think the base one was 350. But I think computer exchange were, at the time of launch, were double to triple that price. But to me, I think, as I said, it fulfills a specific niche. And that's probably why my Switch has kind of gathered dust to a certain extent. Because why would I have a Switch when I play that? [00:30:20] Speaker B: I think if you're a PC gamer and you've got GOG and you've got Epic Game Store and you can pick up a load of free games every week and some of the cheaper indie. [00:30:33] Speaker C: Games, steam sales are great. [00:30:36] Speaker B: Yeah, it's probably a great investment. I think the price could do becoming Sub 500. [00:30:43] Speaker A: It's slowly going down and you don't have to go with the 512 gig model. The only reason I went was because of the A, the extra capacity, and B, the screen, because then you'll be using it remotely. [00:30:52] Speaker C: Is there. [00:30:53] Speaker A: Expandable micro SDXC So I think you can put up to a terabyte SD card in there. Okay. And if you're braver than I am, you can open it up. There is a guide online which shows you how to replace out the NVMe. [00:31:05] Speaker B: Drive, but is that like hot swappable the BSD slot? Could you still have a little wallet of multiple cards with all the different games on each? [00:31:17] Speaker A: Cart wise, I don't use it because it's got fire control storage, but I think you can or alternatively plug in a remote hard drive through the USBC port. Yeah, you could plug in another SSD straight away and put that into your dock. Sam, you had a quick play on it. I mean, what's your I mean, I. [00:31:35] Speaker F: Agree with everything everyone else has said. I'm not a massive PC gamer. I think the only PC games I've really ever properly got into have been strategy ones, which I don't think I would want to play on this, but like they were saying, at the end of the working day, the appeal of sitting at another computer is minimal. I want to stop out on the sofa with something that I barely need to think about, and at the moment, I've got the switch for that. But I can absolutely see if I had a big library of Steam games on a PC, that would have been. [00:32:10] Speaker A: Quite interesting to watch people play it, because everybody's gone straight for the thumbsticks and nobody's using the two trackpads or the buttons on the back. [00:32:17] Speaker F: I honestly didn't realize. [00:32:20] Speaker D: So I don't because I still have PTSD from using the Steam controller. [00:32:27] Speaker A: You were the one along with me. [00:32:29] Speaker D: So I was there being like, Valve can do no wrong. So when they released the Steam controller and Steam Link, I bought both and both were a massive disappointment. [00:32:41] Speaker A: They did the Steam machines as well, which kind of and I think this is kind of a distilled kind of so you've got elements of the Steam controller in there, you've got elements of the Steam machines they made, and you've got elements of Steam Link in there where you can do remote play as well. So, for me, I've got a much more powerful PC at home. I can stream games from that rather than you relying on the internal processor. [00:33:02] Speaker B: I kind of want to ask because obviously we've not had it on because it would be a distraction to what we're talking about is what's the audio like? [00:33:10] Speaker A: What's pretty good? I mean sam. Matt. Sorry. If you want to turn the speakers. [00:33:14] Speaker B: Up. [00:33:16] Speaker A: It'S not too bad. [00:33:19] Speaker E: Just do a little bit of shooting up. Shoot that guy in the face again. [00:33:22] Speaker B: Okay, so I'm not directly in front of that console, but the sound seems okay. [00:33:27] Speaker A: It's fairly good for the size of the machine. I mean, I prefer headphones. There is a headphone socket on it which instantly makes it better than any. [00:33:34] Speaker B: Apple work with Bluetooth headphones. Yes. [00:33:38] Speaker A: So it has got Bluetooth as well. But yeah, having an actual headphone socket makes a big difference. [00:33:42] Speaker B: Does it do kind of dolby Atmos? Does it do the kind of sound and stuff that would be supplied with games? [00:33:49] Speaker A: So undocked it's stereo speakers or your choice of headphone, but it has digital output on there as well, again via USBC. [00:33:59] Speaker B: If you docked it into your kind of home hi fi system or whatever it is, you could get full surround sound. Okay, that's cool. [00:34:06] Speaker A: But what I would say is. [00:34:11] Speaker C: You. [00:34:11] Speaker A: Could you imagine playing dota on that? [00:34:13] Speaker B: Maybe? [00:34:14] Speaker D: So I have considered getting one purely because I wouldn't be able to play dota on it as it is, but being able to plug it into like a periphery and take it on the road because, as you said, cheaper than getting like a gaming laptop by a. [00:34:30] Speaker A: Considerable mile as well. [00:34:32] Speaker D: And especially that kind of thing of in my new job, there's a lot of traveling and that kind of thing, so actually it'd be nice to be able to still play the games I want to play relatively easily, so I'd definitely give it a go. [00:34:45] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:34:46] Speaker A: And it is rather flexible in the inputs, so you can have an on screen keyboard. You got the touchpads it's a touch screen as well, so some games do support that quite nicely. There's more buttons than I think on any other kind of console that I've ever seen before, I think. [00:35:03] Speaker D: I suppose in the esports kind of arena, it might be quite interesting because games like Rocket League, Smite, et cetera, where they're a bit like playing with controls, handheld controls, isn't necessarily as much of a disadvantage. It might be quite good or even just a case of in the classic days of having land parties. I think it'll be a bit more for PC gamers, I suppose. Again, it comes down to I know we talked about the price before, but this strikes me as a very much kind of like our generation kind of product, really. I wouldn't necessarily see like a 1617 year old getting this, necessarily. [00:35:53] Speaker A: Yeah. And I think that's the tough sell is that's probably why they've gone direct to distribution. In most examples. You can pick it up in some stores, but trying if you were going into game, for example, and to use the terrible stereotypical example, a grandmother comes in and says, I've been told I need to buy a games console for my child. Any member of staff would have a really difficult struggle trying to explain the concept of that. Outside of something like an Xbox or. [00:36:22] Speaker B: A PlayStation or a switch, what's its battery life? [00:36:27] Speaker A: It's pretty good, to be honest. It's a good couple of hours, usually. It depends on the game. So you can limit the performance, so you can drop that frame rate from 60 down to 30, turn certain effects off, turn the resolution down. I think it's got FSR in there now for certain games, which is AMD's version of DLSS which basically means that it runs at a lower frame rate then upscales the image. So it looks much prettier. But I usually get good two to 3 hours out of it when I'm playing something like Yakuza Zero which is not an taxing game at all. [00:37:06] Speaker B: It's a nice bit of kit. [00:37:08] Speaker A: I suppose the question is would you buy that over a laptop? And for gaming? [00:37:12] Speaker C: For gaming, yes. Just because I don't like gaming on a laptop? [00:37:18] Speaker B: Yeah, I think this is the form factor for like a gaming machine. It's probably why I'm not a big PC gamer. It's just the idea of like everybody said, just being sad at a keyboard and mouse. I'm a console kid. It's kind of where I've gone from the Binatones to the Ataris to the Super Nintendo's and all the rest of it and handhelds. For some reason this reminds me of games. [00:37:51] Speaker A: Very similar screen, quite wide, quite heavy kind of thing. But I'd say for a first generation of device to be released, I'm incredibly impressed and to be honest, I think it's worth the price that I paid for it. I'm hoping that another generation will follow in a couple of years. I think it's been successful in enough that Valve are happy with it. They haven't confirmed deck two as such yet, but I'd like to see it continue. [00:38:21] Speaker B: I think if every Steam game was playable that would make it incredibly attractive. I think if you've got to mock about to get things to work that becomes because that's the beauty of things like a switch is you download the game, you put the car in, it works. [00:38:41] Speaker C: I'd say it's probably just kind of a factor of it being from PC gaming because not every PC game runs well on every PC and that sort of thing. So I imagine there's a factor of. [00:38:52] Speaker A: That going on and I would counter that saying it's an open platform and there's lots of other things that you could do as a put the game pass on there. Maybe someone who's going to work out can import Epic games onto there as well. You could probably get away with running quite a lot of emulators up to a certain generation of consoles and without any struggle. Yeah, I mean as an emulation station I could imagine that would probably win over a lot of people. I think retro gaming that side and. [00:39:20] Speaker B: That kind of hand position I don't think I'd play that for more than. [00:39:23] Speaker D: A couple of hours. I stretch. [00:39:25] Speaker A: I don't think it's designed to be played for more than a couple of hours, to be honest. [00:39:28] Speaker D: What will say, though? It feels a lot more comfortable because just playing my switch in bed, hands cramp quite a lot after a while and I've got like an add on periphery to make them proper handles. But I think in terms of a. [00:39:44] Speaker B: Design, I think for me but the thing with the switches, what I tend to do quite a lot when I'm playing a handheld, is pop the screen up. Obviously, the OLED has got the better kickstand, but I bought like a poundland stand. So I quite like to be able to pop the screen off and just either use the little kind of joypad dock that you get or just use it as and that kind of just suddenly means I can play like Mario Kart for I always forget the sides come off. [00:40:15] Speaker F: I do. [00:40:17] Speaker B: I find that on the switch to be one of its really good selling points. I can just prop the screen up somewhere. I can lie in bed and one of the original side and I've not got the whole I've not got the whole screen, so I can kind of just I've got me little controllers and I can do what I need, so. [00:40:32] Speaker D: I just got that and then I fall asleep and just hit myself on the phone. [00:40:36] Speaker E: I just love feeling like a giant when you do Slip Mafia. Like big man. [00:40:42] Speaker B: I suppose if I'd hooked that up to a Bluetooth controller and I'd prop that up somewhere and I was and. [00:40:47] Speaker A: You can get standards and docks for it too. I mean, the original concepts did have the old slidy off sides, but they thought it'd be more sensible to have it just as a full device. Mainly because people wouldn't then sit there in bed and whack themselves in the face doing a Twist. [00:41:01] Speaker B: I mean, it's a great I'm surprised that somebody hasn't released a peripheral with a hat that you slide into and you can kind of that's the other. [00:41:10] Speaker A: Thing which you're not even talked about. It's got thingy in it. [00:41:14] Speaker B: So you can do gyroscopes. [00:41:15] Speaker A: Gyroscope. [00:41:16] Speaker B: Okay. [00:41:16] Speaker A: So you could use it for like, Gyroscope aiming for FPS rather than relying on. [00:41:23] Speaker D: FPS. [00:41:24] Speaker C: I know. I've come to enjoy Gyroscopic gaming. It's platoon. It's great. And also in cell frame, actually, I. [00:41:35] Speaker B: Do feel you can feel it's designed for PC gamers. There is like 78 buttons on here and a touch screen. You go, what do half the buttons do? I got a game earlier, it said Press Start and I had to ask Lee, where's the start button? [00:41:53] Speaker C: Yeah, because you were playing Crazy Taxi, a game from like, 2000 when it was still the start button and it hasn't been called the start button since 2013. [00:42:04] Speaker A: Supposed to wrap this up. Would you be interested if it was at the right price point? [00:42:10] Speaker B: If I was gifted it, definitely. If it was around the 350 mark, I'd possibly think I'd treat myself at the end of a year, maybe with some Christmas money. [00:42:21] Speaker C: Lee, I'd be interested. But it is just a case of having the money to get it. [00:42:26] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:42:29] Speaker D: I mean, I want one, but I want one purely for impractical reasons, because I just want one. [00:42:35] Speaker A: How about yourself, Shanice? Has it impressed you today? [00:42:37] Speaker E: If I was the kind of girl that had a daddy but haven't got daddy money, I would love it. Don't get me wrong, it's actually really like it's like, oh, because once again, with the Switch, I'm limited by Nintendo like games. That is just a big revel of all sorts of fun. So I would actually really enjoy it if I was rich for the dollar. Yeah. [00:42:59] Speaker A: How about yourself, sir? [00:43:01] Speaker F: Same sort of thing, I think, yeah, I'd be very happy to own one. [00:43:05] Speaker E: If you. [00:43:08] Speaker F: Had a daddy. [00:43:09] Speaker E: Let's all get a daddy and get one. [00:43:15] Speaker A: Year seven, we used to have a feature many, many years ago, which was called Pound Trap Cosplay, where the rules was you got a fiver and you had to go and make up a cosplay using that five pounds and your creativity. So we thought we'd revisit some of them and it'll be on the side of the screen for people watching this on YouTube. If you're not watching this on YouTube and you're listening to it, sorry, I can't really show the pictures in audio. [00:43:43] Speaker B: But just imagine, do an audio description version. [00:43:47] Speaker A: So we thought we'd revisit some of our classic Pound Trop cosplays and then we're going to kick the feature back off again, I think, for this year. With Sam's interest in Halloween cosplays for cheap, I thought this would be a good relaunch time. [00:44:01] Speaker B: We mentioned that at the beginning. And then we're bringing back Pound Shop cosplay. I was like, this is unfair advantage here. [00:44:07] Speaker A: Cool. So we're going to show Matt, Shanice and Sam some of the old historical Pound Shop cosplays that we used to do. So see if you can work out what they are. [00:44:18] Speaker B: Okay, so this is our first one. So I'll show you these. So basically you've got here is you've got a bucket, some fast food containers, silver fast food containers spread across his body. And then it looks like he's cling filmed himself as well. [00:44:40] Speaker A: There's a cupboard light in the center of the chest, which should be a big clue. [00:44:43] Speaker B: Yes, there's a big cupboard light in there. So any guesses from. [00:44:50] Speaker E: And I was like, oh, Black Knight and Monty Python, surely. But no, apparently not. [00:44:54] Speaker D: Is it Iron Man? [00:44:55] Speaker A: It is Iron Man. Mark One, or as I called him at the time, Iron Arm, because they were curry trace. [00:45:02] Speaker B: I mean, I would have penalized Matt there for just saying Iron Man and not the Iron Man mark One armor. [00:45:07] Speaker C: We're not all Marvel Nerds like you. [00:45:10] Speaker B: Keith, as built in a cave. [00:45:15] Speaker C: Give us the entire history of Iron Man. [00:45:17] Speaker B: Go for the second one. Right, we've got this one, which is good old guy x member of the team. X member with a blue shawl. And it was a tarp, I believe. A bit of tarp all in. Obviously. He's got some of the looks himself, which is quite lucky, which I think carries most of what the character is. Shanice is stuck already. [00:45:48] Speaker E: I just feel like I've got the error sign going across my face. [00:45:52] Speaker A: Just remind you, Shanice reviewed all of. [00:45:54] Speaker E: These. [00:45:56] Speaker B: Page will not load. [00:45:58] Speaker F: I do know what this one is, because I was here when Shanice was looking at it earlier as well. [00:46:03] Speaker E: Why have I forgotten, Sam? [00:46:04] Speaker B: Matt's got leaning off the picture as well. [00:46:06] Speaker D: Well, I'm going to say correct. [00:46:09] Speaker E: Yeah, that was it. Well done. [00:46:11] Speaker B: I won't tell you who he was created by in the original comics as well. Yeah. So keep leaning in towards Shanice. Matt, you're going off camera because it's the microphone first. Right. So next one we've got is, and I personally can't remember what this is, ryan will probably have to say, oh, yes. [00:46:29] Speaker E: So my opinion on this is Batman Ninja. [00:46:33] Speaker B: We've got a domino mask, we've got a long stick with a hilt built into it and a cape. [00:46:44] Speaker D: So I believe it is Zorro. [00:46:48] Speaker B: Three for three for Matt so far. Well done, George. That was a really good one. So this one I've thinned down because it is, again, you almost turned completely around. [00:47:01] Speaker E: Your parents. [00:47:02] Speaker B: So he's got a wine glass, a necklace of some kind and a paper crown. [00:47:09] Speaker E: I stick with my answer. [00:47:13] Speaker A: It is former presenter Philip Ellis, whose book will be out in all good bookshops at this time. Another scams, by the way, also with. [00:47:20] Speaker B: Short hair, as yes, yes. [00:47:25] Speaker D: Knowing Phil, is it going to be like Cersei Lannister or if I actually. [00:47:29] Speaker B: Reveal the second half of that photograph. [00:47:32] Speaker D: Perfect. [00:47:33] Speaker B: Wow. [00:47:34] Speaker F: So good. [00:47:34] Speaker B: Matt's too good at this. Right, then there's some horrendous person here now with a interesting fake leather jacket, an audio cassette which features the words awesome mix and some yellow foamed headphones. [00:47:51] Speaker E: I just got it. Lady in the van. You look beautiful, Keith. [00:48:00] Speaker B: This is back in the days. Any guesses? I'll be gutted if you can't get this one after getting all of them. [00:48:07] Speaker A: Go on, Sam. [00:48:07] Speaker D: Phil And Ted yeah, but I was going to say, like, is it Quill? [00:48:13] Speaker E: Pete? [00:48:13] Speaker B: Peter Quill. [00:48:14] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:48:15] Speaker A: That's good. [00:48:15] Speaker B: Right, we've got our inimitable host, Mr Ryan Parrish, in a hoodie with a bow and arrow. [00:48:23] Speaker A: It was a very cheap cosplay that. [00:48:25] Speaker D: Week is that. [00:48:31] Speaker B: Ryan has a great love for a TV show that features this character as played by Stephen. [00:48:38] Speaker A: Stephen Amalnis. [00:48:39] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:48:39] Speaker D: I've never watched it. [00:48:40] Speaker C: Is it? [00:48:40] Speaker D: Green Arrow. And to be fair, Sam Gray. [00:48:44] Speaker B: That answer. I'm going to save that one. Having been passed over to star in a movie featuring a character that looks like this. It's two dudes in a green and red T shirt with hats with the letters M and L on some reason, being passed over for Charlie Day and Chris Pratt in the movie, we have these two. Any ideas who this is, Matt? [00:49:16] Speaker D: I couldn't tell you. Absolutely couldn't tell you. [00:49:20] Speaker B: Shanice, any guesses? [00:49:22] Speaker E: No, I'm not sure. [00:49:26] Speaker B: I recognise. Yeah, it's the CBBC duo of Chuckle Brothers. It's actually Mario and Luigi. [00:49:37] Speaker C: Chuckle brothers portraying Mario and Luigi from. [00:49:40] Speaker B: The popular gaming franchise. We've got another this is another shocking hopefully, if you're watching YouTube, you'll want to see this one. So Sam can't answer this one because he knows, because he's in it. So this is, again, Game of Thrones related, I believe. Don't give it away. It's more picnic related. Paraphernalia plates and it's plate armor keys. [00:50:05] Speaker D: So I'm going to say Jamie Lannister. [00:50:10] Speaker E: I'm going to say I think his name's like Ingir from Troll Hunter. [00:50:19] Speaker A: Deep references. [00:50:20] Speaker B: Deep. Cut that one. If you can see this image on screen, there's a lovely Philip Ellis as well in the corner, which his previous character should give this one away a little bit. Are you going to reveal it, Brian? [00:50:38] Speaker F: Game of Thrones character? [00:50:39] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:50:40] Speaker E: Not a pixel, then. [00:50:40] Speaker B: Yeah, Sam, you can tell us. That was your costume. [00:50:43] Speaker F: So it's the Hound from Game of Thrones. There is meant to be. You can't really see it in the picture. And to be fair, it didn't really come out that on the day that I had, like, a face mask thing. [00:50:53] Speaker C: On half my face. [00:50:55] Speaker D: You also had the hair as well. [00:50:57] Speaker A: For. [00:51:00] Speaker F: Now. [00:51:00] Speaker B: I'll leave the best one till last. I've got another one for Matt here. [00:51:04] Speaker A: So this is you just show them the back. [00:51:09] Speaker B: Anyway, this is a I think it's. [00:51:12] Speaker A: A Marvel Cinematic Universe count. [00:51:14] Speaker B: Yeah, but it's Charlie Dimmick weed suppressant. [00:51:20] Speaker A: Yes, it was. [00:51:21] Speaker B: It's a Tommy Geezer from the same show that he used to do with Alan Titchmars face mask and a homemade red star and a pair of gloves from Poundland fingerless gloves, by the way, Bucky, it is indeed the Winter Soldier. Bucky O'Hair winter soldier. I mean, you know, if you look at that picture, you barely tell them apart. [00:51:47] Speaker D: And I am just loving because that was your John Wick phase as well. You spree it back, Keith. [00:51:54] Speaker C: You sprite it back. [00:51:55] Speaker F: It was cool. [00:51:56] Speaker B: So, finally, what we're going to do, hopefully, Philip, we had enough of Daddies. [00:51:59] Speaker A: In the last segment, so we've got. [00:52:01] Speaker B: A stocking and some sponges and a red tie you should be able to recognize there. [00:52:14] Speaker A: The handwriter, I think, seals the deal. [00:52:17] Speaker B: Yeah. So he's making Cosplay great again. So it is the illustrious star of Home Alone Two. [00:52:30] Speaker A: That was me cutting two car sponges in half to create that Lego head of hair. [00:52:36] Speaker B: And I'm going to show this one last, which is kind of where the shop Cosplay idea came from. So this is one of our earlier shows when we were on the radio, so that's Ryan dressed up as a any guesses it's got it clues in the title. [00:52:52] Speaker E: We don't want to say. [00:52:56] Speaker B: Yes, that's Ryan as the Brumwolf special guest appearance. [00:53:00] Speaker A: By Dave Matthew as of yeah. So it's all good. [00:53:02] Speaker B: So there are some of our previous attempts. There were many, many more, which for some reason we didn't photograph. I think I can lost a time. [00:53:13] Speaker A: Put it that way. [00:53:14] Speaker D: My favorite geeky brummy photo is still the Transpotting one. Honestly, I love that one. [00:53:25] Speaker B: We could redo that one. But as is usual with the panshop cost to pay, you have a victim yes. Whose task it is to create a character. [00:53:36] Speaker A: So it used to be five pounds budget with the cost of living. [00:53:41] Speaker B: With the cost of living, it's now 1764 pounds. [00:53:45] Speaker A: So five pounds in 2016 was a reasonable budget. But I think the pound Shop cosplay pound shops aren't as cheap as they used to be. [00:53:54] Speaker B: Most Disney may cost two pounds. No. [00:53:56] Speaker A: So in honor of our 7th year, we're going to go with a seven pound budget going forward. And I think we might do a Pound shop cosplay face off for the first one back. [00:54:09] Speaker B: Brutal. [00:54:11] Speaker A: And because it's Sam's first show, it's Sam. [00:54:15] Speaker F: Okay. [00:54:16] Speaker E: Dun, dun. [00:54:17] Speaker A: Dun versus Keith. [00:54:21] Speaker B: Okay. [00:54:22] Speaker A: The two creative people. Keith is very sorry. Keith is incredibly creative with his count. [00:54:28] Speaker E: I literally did an art course. Ryan, I mean, I know working quality, but damn. [00:54:36] Speaker A: Do you want to have a three way. [00:54:41] Speaker B: Cosplay? [00:54:41] Speaker A: A three person standoff? [00:54:45] Speaker B: I think three way cosplay is the name of this segment. [00:54:49] Speaker E: Oh, God. We're all very creative right now with a crate. [00:54:57] Speaker A: What I was trying to say is crafty. [00:54:59] Speaker B: Keek is very crafty. Why don't we just extend it to everybody apart from you and you judge. [00:55:04] Speaker E: Are we very good at judging people? [00:55:05] Speaker B: Isn't he 35 cosplay? [00:55:12] Speaker A: We could go everybody. [00:55:13] Speaker E: No, let's do a full cosplay party. Because what Sam literally said there's fewer parties and we could have a little party afterwards. [00:55:19] Speaker A: Do we want to go with seven pound cosplay parade? [00:55:23] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:55:24] Speaker D: Is there a theme? [00:55:27] Speaker B: The theme is you cosplay. [00:55:30] Speaker A: Have seven pounds and you need to make something recognizable out of seven pounds worth of budget. [00:55:36] Speaker E: I really think we should do this. Whoever uses paper plates will just rip it off them and have cake afterwards. [00:55:40] Speaker B: It's fine. [00:55:41] Speaker A: Okay. I'm up for that. If you want to do a full on cosplay parade, that's really cute. [00:55:47] Speaker B: Seven pounds worth of ingredients and make myself a cake. I shall be a cake. That sounds dangerous around Shanice. [00:55:56] Speaker A: We all up for that. Then I shall judge. [00:56:01] Speaker B: Please say we've got a month. [00:56:03] Speaker E: I feel like he's going to wake up tonight thinking about that. Like in a little I'm judgmental. Oh, you look terrible in that. Oh. Why did she wear it? Because imagine you tossing and turding, unable to sleep. Dinner wasn't that good. You're all going to get wrecked. [00:56:17] Speaker A: So join in and you'll have to watch this one on YouTube, I think. But we will have Pound shop cosplay off. [00:56:24] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:56:26] Speaker C: Are we bringing the cosplays in? [00:56:27] Speaker A: Oh, no, you're wearing the cosplay. [00:56:29] Speaker C: Wearing them in. [00:56:31] Speaker A: We'll do it so you can dress up and then come round. [00:56:36] Speaker B: I can see if I can get a smoke machine so it can go full on. [00:56:39] Speaker A: Today, I'm not dressing like Matthew Kelly. [00:56:43] Speaker E: Oh, my God. Can we all do, individually do the dance to Caramel dancing? I'll keep your face yes, you do it's deep in your memory. [00:56:54] Speaker C: I'm wondering how many of us know what that dance is? Because we definitely do. [00:56:59] Speaker E: They all do. They just don't remember. They do. [00:57:01] Speaker D: They've rejected it 2006. [00:57:05] Speaker E: I'll teach you the move, darling. Fine. [00:57:08] Speaker C: It's very simple. [00:57:09] Speaker B: Okay. [00:57:10] Speaker A: So join us next time for Cosplay. [00:57:12] Speaker E: Off and Caramel dancing. [00:57:17] Speaker C: Just to sum it up, it is a hips way in buddy ears. I'm just going to say that, honestly. [00:57:22] Speaker E: All you got to do is there were loads of hips and bouncy little. [00:57:25] Speaker D: Hips, but he had the leak spin as well. [00:57:28] Speaker E: We'll bring in a leak. [00:57:29] Speaker B: What you have to remember is I have the articulation of a Lego figure. So that's my dance move. [00:57:36] Speaker A: You can robot. [00:57:40] Speaker D: I can imagine you being like a beast on Dance Dance Revolution. [00:57:44] Speaker E: Same, actually. I could see him smashing through the floor like it was Dragon Ball z. [00:57:47] Speaker B: And smashing through the ground as he. [00:57:49] Speaker E: Finishes on high score. [00:57:52] Speaker D: Like young Neil and Scott Pilgrim. [00:57:55] Speaker E: Negative. [00:57:59] Speaker A: Anyway, join us next time for the return of Pound Truck Cosplay. Been a while since we've done one of these. Thought we'd have a quiz and go with a movie theme. Quiz. It's been a while, so I've gone onto the internet and stolen somebody else's quiz because I'm lazy. But everybody's got buttons. [00:58:20] Speaker C: There's a personality quiz apart from keith. [00:58:22] Speaker A: Is just going to scream, I believe. [00:58:24] Speaker B: Like a goat. [00:58:29] Speaker E: We'Ll simultaneously make ourselves. [00:58:32] Speaker A: Yep. Sam, do you want to start. [00:58:38] Speaker B: Mayor. [00:58:40] Speaker A: Altogether on a three, two, one mayor. There you go. All right. [00:58:46] Speaker C: Sorry, headphones listeners. [00:58:48] Speaker A: First person to ten points. Question number one. Which animal is killed in Fatal Attraction? [00:58:59] Speaker B: Matt. That was rabbit. [00:59:02] Speaker A: It is a bunny. I'll give you rabbit. [00:59:05] Speaker B: That was just too like. [00:59:10] Speaker E: Boils because it's a bunny boiler. Awful. [00:59:13] Speaker A: Question number two, in honor of Scream Six coming out this week, what was Scream originally called? [00:59:25] Speaker C: I only have a joke answer and. [00:59:27] Speaker B: I'm not going to give that answer. Go ahead. [00:59:29] Speaker C: It's literally just shout. [00:59:32] Speaker E: Whisper. [00:59:33] Speaker A: No. [00:59:37] Speaker D: The only thing I can think of is Stab. [00:59:39] Speaker A: No. [00:59:42] Speaker F: I'm not sure. [00:59:44] Speaker E: No, you must have made nobody no, go on. [00:59:46] Speaker A: So the original screenplay was called Scary. [00:59:48] Speaker D: Movie, of course, yeah. [00:59:52] Speaker E: Really? Yes, please. Details going to be called that. [00:59:58] Speaker D: I'm going to that's where Scary Movie, the parody, got the name from us. Why knew that story? [01:00:04] Speaker E: So why did they choose not to go with? Oh, I'm assuming that's not no. [01:00:06] Speaker B: Information. [01:00:08] Speaker A: Right. So what is the name of the fashion line created after Derek Zoolander in Zoolander? [01:00:18] Speaker B: I'm embarrassed that I don't know. [01:00:21] Speaker C: I've actually never seen Zoolander. [01:00:23] Speaker E: I literally watched it two days ago. That's ridiculous. [01:00:30] Speaker A: No, the gobble all gone. Derek no. Derelict. [01:00:36] Speaker B: Of course it is. Will Ferrell says that much better. Derelict. [01:00:46] Speaker A: Sorry. [01:00:48] Speaker E: The judgmental one has changed. [01:00:51] Speaker A: Which holiday do Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal celebrate? At the end of When Harry Met Sally. [01:00:56] Speaker E: Oh, new Year's. New Year's. [01:00:58] Speaker B: It is. [01:00:59] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:00:59] Speaker A: Janice off the mark. This quiz is going to go on for a while. [01:01:02] Speaker E: In it. [01:01:06] Speaker A: What are the colour of the two pills that Morgan? [01:01:09] Speaker E: Blue and red. [01:01:10] Speaker A: Keith was first. [01:01:16] Speaker B: So Keith was first. [01:01:17] Speaker A: Keith, do you want to give her the answer? [01:01:19] Speaker B: It was blue and. [01:01:23] Speaker E: No. [01:01:25] Speaker B: Which one would you have taken? [01:01:28] Speaker E: OOH, the green one. [01:01:31] Speaker B: We'll take both. [01:01:37] Speaker A: Which final Destination movie has a number of deaths that take place on a roller coaster? [01:01:42] Speaker B: Mayor three. [01:01:45] Speaker A: It is three. Storming ahead. [01:01:47] Speaker D: Keith it was cool for our Destination 3D, wasn't it? [01:01:52] Speaker C: There was a Docker point for that. [01:01:58] Speaker A: What was the first movie to feature a flushing toilet? [01:02:02] Speaker C: Was it psycho? [01:02:04] Speaker A: It is psycho. What was the first animated movie to be nominated for Best Picture? [01:02:15] Speaker F: Beating the beast. [01:02:16] Speaker A: It is off the mark. World and sound. [01:02:18] Speaker C: Better than what I would have said. I would have gone spirited away because I'm not weird. [01:02:24] Speaker A: Which celebrity's face is the Michael Myers mask in the Halloween series based off. [01:02:31] Speaker F: What'S his face? William Shatner. [01:02:33] Speaker A: It is William Shaper. [01:02:38] Speaker E: Horrifying. [01:02:40] Speaker A: Which of these nominated musicals won the Oscar for Best Picture? Wizard of oz, la land cabaret or west side story? [01:02:49] Speaker E: Was it la La land? [01:02:50] Speaker A: It wasn't La La Land, because that's the answer they gave out. Wrong. [01:02:52] Speaker F: West Side Story. [01:02:55] Speaker A: It is West Side Story. Well done, sir. [01:02:57] Speaker B: Do you mean? To buy Robert Wise? [01:02:59] Speaker C: You got baited. [01:03:04] Speaker B: It was actually moonlight, but still. [01:03:07] Speaker E: Wait. You talk about the Nicolas Cage film. [01:03:11] Speaker F: The classic musical moonlight. [01:03:15] Speaker A: In Citizen Kane. [01:03:17] Speaker B: What was Roseburg sledge? [01:03:20] Speaker A: It was a sledge. [01:03:21] Speaker C: Didn't work. [01:03:25] Speaker A: Which one of these is not one of the Seven Dwarfs bashful? Angry dopey or Doc. You buz too early. [01:03:35] Speaker F: I did angry. [01:03:37] Speaker E: Angry, yeah. [01:03:39] Speaker C: Get rid of some. [01:03:44] Speaker A: What brand of underwear does Martin McFly wear in Back to the Future? I think Lee got in there first. [01:03:50] Speaker C: Calvin Klein. [01:03:51] Speaker A: It is Calvin Klein. [01:03:54] Speaker B: It's heating up. [01:03:57] Speaker A: In Bambi. What is the name of Bambi's skunk friend? [01:04:02] Speaker F: Flower. [01:04:03] Speaker B: It is flower. [01:04:07] Speaker C: I just got Bumper and nothing else in my head and I was like, that's not the Skunk. [01:04:12] Speaker B: Sam heads into the final five required if you're going to get ten. [01:04:16] Speaker A: Includeless how does Cher choose her outfits? [01:04:20] Speaker E: With a TV monitor thing and it picks up a wardrobe and she's like she just scrolls through and it picks it out. I know what I mean. I know you know what you know. [01:04:26] Speaker A: It is it's a computer, I'll give you that. [01:04:28] Speaker E: Thank you. Fantastic film. Amazing soundtrack. [01:04:34] Speaker A: In The Devil Wears Prada, who's the only fashion designer to make a cameo? Is it Valentino, Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein? [01:04:42] Speaker B: May Loren? [01:04:45] Speaker E: No, it's Valentino. [01:04:46] Speaker A: Then it is Valentino. Shanice, finish this quote from Gone with the Wind. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. [01:04:56] Speaker D: Down. Yeah. [01:04:58] Speaker A: Even though chinise buzz too early. [01:05:02] Speaker D: I'll. [01:05:03] Speaker A: Give it to you. Wait till the questions finish before buzing. In the hangover. Phil, Stu and Alan spend all of their time looking for their friend Doug. Where do they eventually find him? [01:05:15] Speaker F: On a. [01:05:18] Speaker B: Specific. [01:05:21] Speaker F: The roof of the hotel. [01:05:23] Speaker A: Yes. Go on, sam included in the 2018 version, how many versions of a star were born? Made? Three. [01:05:35] Speaker B: No, four. [01:05:37] Speaker E: The star has been born. [01:05:39] Speaker A: Would anybody like to buz in on a guess? Two. [01:05:44] Speaker B: Four. [01:05:47] Speaker A: And Sam, you've scored. [01:05:52] Speaker B: Which one did I forget? The silent one. No, there isn't a silent I absolutely. [01:05:56] Speaker F: Would have gone with three if you hadn't. [01:05:58] Speaker B: Christopherson and. [01:06:01] Speaker D: Bradley. [01:06:02] Speaker A: Rocket Mccubber. [01:06:03] Speaker E: And he's like a drug addict or drunk or something. [01:06:07] Speaker B: Judy. [01:06:09] Speaker E: I literally saw scenes of that one. [01:06:12] Speaker A: Okay in. Look who's talking. What does John Travolta do for a living? [01:06:19] Speaker E: He's a taxi driver. [01:06:20] Speaker A: He is a taxi driver. Well done, Shanice. [01:06:23] Speaker F: Whoa. [01:06:25] Speaker A: What is the name of Chris Pratt's character in Jurassic World? [01:06:31] Speaker F: Owen Grady. [01:06:33] Speaker C: It is Owen Grady. [01:06:34] Speaker B: I knew he'd get that. Jesus Christ. [01:06:35] Speaker F: He's gone away. [01:06:36] Speaker C: You know what? I should have got it because I have played a bit of Jurassic World evolution, too, and his character is there, although it clearly isn't him. [01:06:45] Speaker E: Oh, well done, Sam. You're so clever. That sounds sarcastic. It's really truly not. [01:06:51] Speaker A: Who played Adam Reed in the Adam project. [01:06:55] Speaker B: Mayor Ryan. Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds? Yes. [01:07:05] Speaker A: Which Ryan? What is Meg Ryan's username in? You've Got mail. [01:07:17] Speaker E: I'm literally a woman. [01:07:19] Speaker B: I should know this. [01:07:22] Speaker E: The little Shop Around the corner or something. It's something to do with the bookshop. Isn't little bookworm I'm a little cute with short hair. [01:07:35] Speaker A: Yeah, it's shopgill. [01:07:37] Speaker E: I was going to flick it, but I was going to break it. [01:07:42] Speaker C: I heard You've Got Mail and my. [01:07:44] Speaker A: Hand disappeared from the which actor plays the adult simba in the 2019 version. [01:07:51] Speaker C: Of The Lion King? [01:07:57] Speaker F: I can picture him and his name. If I say childish gambino, will you accept it? [01:08:02] Speaker A: No. [01:08:04] Speaker D: Donald Glover. Yes, it is. [01:08:09] Speaker C: I was getting ready to buz in and then you said 2019. I have no idea. [01:08:14] Speaker B: That's why I buzzed Matthew brought okay. [01:08:18] Speaker E: I will just say this now. We're all against Sam. [01:08:20] Speaker B: He's one away. [01:08:21] Speaker E: Like this can't happen this early. [01:08:23] Speaker A: Everybody else is on double points now. [01:08:27] Speaker E: Thank you. Brian. [01:08:28] Speaker A: In Rear Window 1954 version, what is Jeff Jeffrey is recovering from when he thinks he witnesses a murder? [01:08:36] Speaker B: Broken leg. [01:08:37] Speaker A: It is a broken leg. Double the points for Keith. Finish this quote from Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Rings one does not simply walk into mortal. It is mortal. Sounds one. [01:08:56] Speaker F: I was trying to wait as long as possible so I didn't get hold off the buzing early. [01:09:00] Speaker B: Well done, Sam. Although I will be going to the quiz ombudsman over storm weather. [01:09:08] Speaker A: What's wearing as well. [01:09:09] Speaker B: I'm going to have a what made the family come back weather, which is what a storm is. You didn't say bad weather, though. Still came back for weather. [01:09:20] Speaker F: If I was the quiz master, I would have given you that. [01:09:23] Speaker E: That was really fun. [01:09:25] Speaker A: So the last question I was going. [01:09:26] Speaker C: To ask because it was pretty much. [01:09:27] Speaker A: Really this one's worth a billion points in Ice Age. What is the name of the sabertooth tiger? [01:09:33] Speaker F: Diego. [01:09:34] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:09:39] Speaker A: Thank you. Well done, Sam. [01:09:41] Speaker C: Well, at least I got the toilet question right. [01:09:47] Speaker A: So Sam got ten, Keith next with seven, then it was yourself, Janice with five, then Lee with two and then Matt with one. Sorry, Matt. Yeah, that was good fun. [01:10:01] Speaker E: We've got to start doing it with you. You've got to start moving around and getting someone else to answer the questions. You got to get involved in the game. [01:10:07] Speaker B: Willie could run a games related one. [01:10:09] Speaker A: Yeah, somebody else can do the quiz next time. [01:10:12] Speaker B: Yeah, I'll do a comics related one. [01:10:13] Speaker A: Oh, God damn. [01:10:18] Speaker C: If it's about Scott Pilgrim, then yes. [01:10:22] Speaker B: First person to get two points 4. [01:10:24] Speaker A: Hours later, first person to get eight of the points. [01:10:26] Speaker C: This is where Keith just pulls out all his knowledge. He's like, oh, who is the artist on 1974 edition of in rom the. [01:10:35] Speaker B: Space night on page seven, panel four. [01:10:42] Speaker E: What brush pen would you use? Fuck me. That'd be awful. You would as well. You would. You laugh in, but you would. [01:10:48] Speaker C: But I will say at least our new film reviewer is the one. [01:10:55] Speaker F: Just completely failed at that. [01:10:59] Speaker B: I could feel the anxiety of my whole guard. [01:11:01] Speaker A: I've got it's. Time for one geek thing where we all pick one geeky thing out of our recent experience to share with the rest of the team. Let's start other end of the line. Sam, what was your one geek thing? [01:11:17] Speaker F: Well, like mentioned earlier, I always get quite into the Oscars and I've been trying to figure out some predictions for what I think it's going to win. But as part of that, I had a look the other night to see if I could track down some of the short, the animated short nominees. And one of them is a fantastic little film called an Ostrich told Me the World is over. And I think I believe it because. [01:11:48] Speaker A: We couldn't decide with that one or what was it? My world of dicks was the two. [01:11:56] Speaker F: My year of dicks. First of all, not as rude as it sounds. [01:12:00] Speaker A: In fact is it just many people called. [01:12:04] Speaker F: So I think it's in five parts, but only two of I can only find two of them on YouTube, but it's almost like an animation of kind of angsty teenage girls diary kind of thing, where she's being let down by various guys that she goes out with. And what I've seen of it is brilliant. I really enjoyed that. But the ostrich one, rather than saying the whole name out in full every time, is basically if you've seen the film box trolls, there's a fantastic post credit scene where it's all stop motion animation, but a couple of the characters basically have an existential crisis where they start to theorize that there's someone controlling them, and the frame rate slows down so that you start to see the people actually moving the figures to do the animation. [01:12:58] Speaker E: Such a simple thing, but it was so clever. [01:13:01] Speaker F: And Ostrich is basically taking that concept. So most of the film, you're sort of seeing it through the lens, the kind of viewfinder of the camera that's filming this stop motion piece. And it's a guy wandering around in an office starting to realize that the world might not be the actual world. And one of his colleagues has only ever seen it from the top of the desk, and he looks under the desk and it's just like on a little armature with no legs and that sort of thing. And yeah, as the title implies, he later meets an Ostrich who starts to make him question his reality. And yeah, I won't say what happens or spoiler or anything. It is on YouTube. It's only about ten minutes long, well worth a watch. And just really inventive fun little film. [01:13:55] Speaker B: If you can share a link in the description, because that's one of the big troubles with the things like the short films categories in the Oscars. It's often really difficult to find them and watch. [01:14:07] Speaker F: Yeah, so just very briefly going through the others as well, the Flying Sailor is also on YouTube in full. Actually has far more penises than my year of dick, funnily enough. [01:14:20] Speaker A: Just to clarify, sailors penises? Yes. [01:14:25] Speaker D: No penis. [01:14:28] Speaker F: There's another one which I can't remember what it's called, but I could only find a trailer on YouTube. And then the final nomination is, if I remember this in the right order, the Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. [01:14:40] Speaker B: Yeah, it was on BBC at Christmas. [01:14:42] Speaker F: Was on BBC at Christmas, and is still on Iplayer. [01:14:44] Speaker E: If you didn't manage to capture. [01:14:47] Speaker F: It. [01:14:47] Speaker E: Was the original book. The fact that it went from that. [01:14:52] Speaker F: Yeah, the animation in that is stunning. It's like any frame of that could be lifted out of a Christmas card. It's beautiful. [01:14:59] Speaker E: Happily. Let it be my wallpaper on my PC. [01:15:01] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. [01:15:03] Speaker A: Awesome. So on to you, Shanice. What was your one geek theme of. [01:15:06] Speaker B: The last few months? [01:15:07] Speaker E: Okay, so what I found this month, and I think it's so cool and I hate when you find something and you realize that you're years behind everyone else and you're like, oh, this actually exists for ages. Everyone knew about it and dropped it. It's called Burn the Witch, and it's the series created by the famous mangaka of Bleach, Tite Kubo. So he finished bleach obviously had a bit of a hiatus due to illness. Obviously it took a lot. It took a big strain on him. And then I only just found out because of the beautiful illustration of the Banger cover, because they've got a lovely sleeve and it's tartan covered. And guess what? It's a manga based in England, which obviously I, as an English person, bum off a little wee bit because they either do it really, really cheesy or they think we're really damn posh and we're just not posh. But the whole series is based on technically the same universe as Bleach, which I think is a little bit dodgy because I can understand where you're coming from. You can say with every region, they have their own form of mythology, they have their own folklores. But the premise of the monsters and creatures in Burn the Witch are so far removed from the mentality of Bleach, I don't think it works, them being in the same universe. Burn the Witch is essentially two young women that work for an academy or an organization for reverse London. So you have London and you have reverse London. Reverse London is the magical, mythical world where dragons kind of go across the country and they try to exterminate them. And it's brilliant. You've got dragon. Literally, if a building gets broken, they go, oh, it's fine. Dragon insurance, and pop off like it's hilarious. They've got a whole system to it. And it's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful. There's only one volume. It was released like four, five years ago. They released a film for it that they broke up into five like five four or five individual episodes. It was phenomenal. And it's obviously got a possible continuous story. Like the first episode, the whole film ends and you go, ah, that has a nice progression and character development, all sorts. But really, that was released four or five years ago. He said it will go on, but he's not choosing to brush himself on it. And it's just stunning visually. Once again, you get in Bleach, but you're getting new Bleach, and I'm sorry, you're getting pretty little girls on broomsticks. [01:17:18] Speaker A: Interests me when you think about some of the manga cars, and especially if you're doing Shonen Jump. So, like one piece naruto Bleach is they are expected to farm out a new issue every couple of weeks for that. And then that's where you'll miss stuff like this, where he's got really good creative ideas and he's not got a chance to do that. I can't remember the manga car's names now, but the guy who does JoJo's. [01:17:41] Speaker C: Bizarre adventure oh, are you talking about. [01:17:44] Speaker E: Fist of the north? No, that's still going on. [01:17:46] Speaker A: But it's always kind of like you get stuck doing the one mangaka forever because it's so popular. And he experiments a little bit because every reset of Jojo bizarre adventure, every season, it's a new kind of chapter, it's a new introduction, and it's a different generation. But it's kind of, how much do you want to keep revisiting the same universe again and again and again and again and keep basically mining that same world? So I think that's probably a good way of doing it. And you said might not work 100%, but having a different folklore to dip into. [01:18:15] Speaker E: Yeah, it's not just, oh, this is completely different. Has no relation whatsoever. [01:18:18] Speaker B: So you don't get any shinigami or. [01:18:19] Speaker A: Hollows or anything like that. [01:18:21] Speaker E: Yeah, it's all like very English culture folklore. You got your dragons, you got your witches, you've got your mages, you've got all that sort of level of got. And he does say that he is going to continue it, but purely at his leisure. And that could be anything for an extra few years before you get another volume, which fair play. It means it's never going to be as big or as intense as Bleach, but it's absolutely fantastic. Tite Kubo. Burn the witch. There's only one volume, but it's a standalone story in itself. Even if there's a potential for a carried on story, you could easily have the volume by itself. It's sick. It's so sick of my anime friends say it's so basic, and I don't agree with them, but I'm basic. [01:18:59] Speaker A: And again, it probably gets attached to that reputation because it's coming from a Shonen jump manga car. They expect it to be easy access, low level, kind of cheap, pulpy anime. [01:19:11] Speaker B: Thank you much. [01:19:11] Speaker A: Appreciate it. Matt, what was your one geeky thing. [01:19:14] Speaker D: Of the so I bought a PS Five and I recently purchased the Clisto Protocol and Dead Space remake. So I've been playing both. [01:19:26] Speaker B: Completed? [01:19:26] Speaker D: Yeah. Completed clisto protocol. And I'm just going through the Dead Space remake. Controversially. I really liked Clisto protocol. [01:19:36] Speaker C: Oh, that's one of us. [01:19:36] Speaker F: Then. [01:19:39] Speaker D: I get the things about the combat and that kind of thing, but it was one of those games where I consistently played it for a couple of days until I completed it and I got really into it. I think it looked really nice. Really well done. It did feel like a Dead Space successor. There were some bits that I think could have been improved. Like, I think the the Kinesis kind of thing was a bit gimmicky and underutilized, but generally generally I thought it was a fine game. I don't think it necessarily on PS Five anyway. I know PC had issues, but I think it was treated a lot harsher than it should have been. I think it got overhyped, obviously, but that's not necessarily down to the developers. [01:20:33] Speaker A: Yeah, because I heard it went down pretty much like a wet fart in a lift for most of the audience. We're expecting dead space new. And everybody went, yeah, it's just more of the same, but worse. [01:20:45] Speaker D: Yeah, because things like the combat mechanics, that kind of thing, where shooting isn't necessarily great, it's weird, it encourages one on one combat, but then you've also got the weapons. And so the combat system is kind of at ends with each other. But I think as a setting, largely, and it's just nice to have that kind of game back. Dead Space remake as well, going through it really, really enjoying it, obviously, as everyone else said. So I'm not going to repeat things, but it's nice to see that survival horror is making a comeback. So you got Resident Evil Four as well, and Resident Evil Four is kind of going a bit more ground. [01:21:32] Speaker A: It's this whole thing of remakes versus remasters. And I prefer a remake because then it allows for some creativity and an update of the stuff, whereas a remaster, it's just, oh, look, it's shinier. [01:21:44] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:21:44] Speaker D: And with the Dead Space remake so Isaac Clark, the protagonist, is kind of he's talking now and he's a bit more in the original, it was very much like he's just going along and doing things. You're like, why are you not reacting. [01:21:58] Speaker C: To clark had one line in the original Dead Space, and it was just yeah, exactly. [01:22:06] Speaker D: And they've fleshed it out in the best way. It's one of those kind of remakes where they've expanded on it. They've kept a lot of the classic things in, but they've also expanded a bit of the lore and made it a bit more there is a case. [01:22:19] Speaker A: For non chatty protagonists, I mean, recently, for spoken and atomic Art probably are two examples, where probably having a silent protagonist might have been a better situation. [01:22:28] Speaker D: It feels a lot more vent horizon as well, though, than the original, which I quite enjoy. So the soundscape is still amazing. But yeah, so that's been my geeky. [01:22:37] Speaker B: Thing, I think, because it was released at a similar time to Callista Probanticol. But did you play Scorn? [01:22:45] Speaker A: I've not played scorn. I've not played, but I've heard many mixed things about it because it's basically just like isn't it basically mist but in hell? [01:22:54] Speaker C: I think it's kind of kind of but it's less in hell and more you've wandered into the collected works of. [01:23:00] Speaker B: HR Geiger just from the aesthetics point of view, that kind of horror aesthetic, I thought, oh, is this one quite short? [01:23:08] Speaker E: Yeah, you're like crawling through the grounds in, like, brambles and there's blood dripping down. Like it's really close. Is that that one? [01:23:16] Speaker A: Possibly. I know it's all blood and guts. [01:23:19] Speaker B: And it's much more kind of yeah. [01:23:24] Speaker D: I mean, it's one of those where I've been seeing gameplay of Scorn for about this is probably Exaggeration, but about like six years or something. It's been coming out for like six years. So, yeah, it's on my thing to play, but no rush. [01:23:41] Speaker B: It's on game. [01:23:41] Speaker C: Pass. [01:23:42] Speaker D: Okay. [01:23:46] Speaker A: Why is your one geek thing gun? Why is it fatal? Frame form. [01:23:49] Speaker C: Yeah, I was about to say, speaking of survival, horror games that are returning games from the past well, returning horror games from 2008, actually. Specifically Fail Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, or Project Zero Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, as it is called in two places in the European version, but not on the actual opening cutscene, which is hilarious, where they forgot to change the name from Fatal Frame. But yeah, so Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, originally released for the Wi in 2008, never left Japan, and as a fan of the first three Fatal Frame games that came before it, I was just so hurt by this decision to never release it in the west. And now it's 15 years later and they've finally released it in the west as a form of a remaster. And I am so happy that this has now happened. It's got an official English translation. So if you're not aware of the Slash Betaframe series, it is survival horror game, and it's set in Japan and you fight off ghosts, basically. So if you think of things like the Ring and the Grudge, that kind of ghost is what you're up against. And you have to fight them with a camera. So the big part of the gameplay is that you basically have to have the ghosts come right up to your face so that you can do the most damage possible with the camera and not waste a whole load of film. But these games are just they're really atmospheric. They're basically just all these old sort of crumbling Japanese places that are just full of ghosts that can attack you through walls and all this sort of stuff. So it's always really tense. But fail Frame Four, I played it on an Emulator last year because I was like, I want to make a video about the series. So I was like, how am I going to cover fail frame four? So I played on an emulator. It's such a better experience playing it in an official version where I'm not having to basically rig a dual shop four to be a Wi remote because they've obviously adjusted the controls so that it works for actual controllers and not Wi remotes. It is sort of a bit clunky 2008 Wi controls sort of thing, but they've managed to sort of tweak it enough that it plays pretty well. And as we were talking about Gyro aiming and stuff, like the camera controls do use a bit of Gyro aiming, which actually works really well. But it is just such a really good atmospheric game. I'm probably maybe about halfway through at this point and just having a really good time with it. It's just like, again, really solid horror game, really solid sort of atmosphere in the Japanese aesthetics and all the rest of it. And it's just so good to have it. [01:26:53] Speaker A: Finally, they all go back to your video from a few years ago. They all have like a weird story connection between each one of the games, but they're not distinctly for the most. [01:27:04] Speaker C: Part, the first three are sort of fairly well connected, but the fourth one is very standalone. There's no real connection between it and any of the others. I think part of that is because it never left Japan and that sort of thing. So obviously, if you've never played any other game in the series and you want to sort of take an interest in this one, this is a perfectly reasonable one to jump into because it doesn't connect with anything apart from sort of the general law behind the camera itself. But that's not super important. [01:27:32] Speaker E: But I think even with the original games, you didn't really necessarily have to play the previous play. Like, I played Tormented and that was. [01:27:38] Speaker A: The second that was the third one. [01:27:39] Speaker E: Third one, yeah. And fantastically wild. Obviously, as a kid, I don't care if there was a connected story. I was just like, this is mad as a gross in my face. [01:27:46] Speaker C: Yeah, because the third one, I'd say, is like the most connected one because one of the protagonists was the protagonist of the first game, sort of thing. And obviously you'revisiting places from the first two games in a few places, but four is completely standalone. It has absolutely no connections whatsoever, but it's a really enjoyable experience. But also just I'm so glad to finally be able to play this officially after 15 years of waiting. [01:28:12] Speaker E: Question is it now your favorite amongst the four? [01:28:14] Speaker C: Probably not. I think two is still the best one, but I think definitely playing through this one. It's up there, I think, in terms of atmosphere and story. And it's definitely an improvement over playing on an emulator last year with its fan translation that compared to an official one. Definitely. I'm seeing the flaws in that fan translation even more now. So they did their best and I'm not going to flag them off, but they were fans who were doing it in their spare time. [01:28:45] Speaker A: So it's forgivable so that's out on Switch. [01:28:49] Speaker C: It's on basically all modern systems. It's on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox. I've been playing it on PS Five. [01:28:57] Speaker A: Awesome. [01:28:57] Speaker B: Thank you. [01:28:58] Speaker A: Keith, what was your one gig, you. [01:29:00] Speaker E: Think, over the last few weeks? [01:29:01] Speaker B: I'm going to select a TV show that originated in America on HBO Max and has recently finished its ten episode run here in the UK. It's a TV show that is based on the true story of the gentleman pirate Steve Bonnet, not the Last of US, and his encounters with Blackbeard the Pirate. And the show is called our Flag means Death. [01:29:26] Speaker A: Is this the one with Murray from. [01:29:28] Speaker B: It features Reese Darby, who previously most people will know as Murray in The Flight of the Concords. He's also done masses and masses of voiceover work for many, many cartoons and. [01:29:39] Speaker C: Whatever it is he's in half life. Alex, I believe. [01:29:41] Speaker B: Yeah, he's star is an ascendancy because he really blows everybody off the screen in this particular show. And he's up against Tyco Waititi, who plays Blackbeard the pirate. He's surrounded by a host of other kind of up and coming UK comics. Also quite a few pretty big name Americans who pop up in cameo roles throughout it. And like I said, it's basically based on the true story of this guy who becomes a kind of gentleman pirate. He's not really into it for the piracy. He just likes the idea of being a pirate on the open sea, and he meets Blackbeard the Pirates and things happen. And then TV show. Basically it's about the love between two men and how Steed and Ed become almost inseparable, and how they change each other in terms of how they see life and how life should be conducted. And even though things don't turn out quite the way you would expect by the end of the show, there's a bit of reversal back to kind of where they were. But it's all studio based, so even the sea based stuff and the ship based stuff is all based in the studio. But it is an incredibly beautiful set of ten half hour episodes. And Reese Darby really has kind of set himself up as a really great character actor. He's phenomenal in this show, even up against somebody like Tyker, who his black beard is very it's just awesome. He looks the part completely, although his costume is basically Mad Max, including the leg brace that he gets. But I'm not sure what the historical accuracy of it all is, but it's incredible. It's a really beautifully played show. Everybody that's in it has got really nice little character moments and stuff. [01:31:33] Speaker E: Is it a comedy? [01:31:35] Speaker B: Yeah, it's a drama dramedy, but it is beautiful. It's beautifully shot, beautifully written. Every performance is on point. It's a great show. And it's one of those shows that's entered my kind of cuddly TV things like the detectorist and just just a show that you just want to embrace and love because it is just so brilliant. And he was kind of hidden away, and I think people who knew about it kind of found it when it hit the BBC. But it deserves a much bigger audience. And if you can find it on Iplayer, you should go and watch. I wouldn't binge it. Take it in so you can just kind of like sip and appreciate treat like Animal Crossing. Yeah, just kind of just enjoy each episode as it comes. It's a brilliant show. Restaurant Tyco Waitiki are phenomenal, but all of the kind of supporting cast are fantastic as well. And I can imagine in kind of Emmys and Golden Globes at some point it should pick up some awards because it is great TV and. Because everybody's talking about all the other big shows, the big kind of like showy shows you might miss it but it is definitely worth 5 hours of your time. It's absolutely brilliant. [01:32:51] Speaker E: And what's it on? Sorry? [01:32:52] Speaker B: It's on Iplayer in the UK. If you're elsewhere you will be able to find it on HBO Max but it was transmitted through the BBC here. [01:33:01] Speaker A: Awesome, thank you. I suppose it's my turn. [01:33:04] Speaker B: It's your turn. [01:33:05] Speaker A: So went to cinema quite a few films on at the minute, some of them not so great. One of those is cocaine. It's reasonable. So it's elizabeth Banks is produced I believe she directed, Lauder Miller directed but I think they might have done screenplay. [01:33:28] Speaker B: I think they produced or they produced there we go. [01:33:31] Speaker A: I got them the wrong way around. So it is very much a film based on a true story inspired by. [01:33:39] Speaker E: Your actual choice of the week is Cocaine Bear. [01:33:41] Speaker B: It's not my choice, it's my one geeky geeky. [01:33:45] Speaker A: My choice would have been Mandalorian but we talk about that. [01:33:48] Speaker C: I think the description that's best from my perspective is it is exactly the film that I expected it would be. [01:33:55] Speaker A: Yes, there you go. So I believe the true events are some bags of cocaine fell out of a plane, a bear ate them and immediately overdosed and died after about 30 seconds. I mean in that 30 seconds I can imagine it was the ultimate apex predator but that was the real life events taking a slight turn on those bit of a twist in this one. So weirdly. It's an Americans reunion because Kerry Russell's in it. Matthew Reese pops up at the very start of the film as a character who doesn't really last that long. And what's her face? That can never rename character Actress she's also in the Americans anyway, so it's kind of a weird Americans underlying reunion episode, which is weird. And then you get Mitchell from Modern Family as well. In it. [01:34:43] Speaker C: I was also thrown by the fact that the very first victim of the cocaine bear is Aloy from Horizon Zero. Dawn is Hannah Hoextro, who is a Dutch actress that was the face model for Aloy. So I recognized her face immediately and I was just like, what are you doing? You should do better against the cocaine bear you fought robot T Rex and. [01:35:02] Speaker A: As Sam reliably informed me as well krista Hugh Torment giant Spain from Game of Thrones pops up as well. I couldn't recognise him. I thought he looked a lot younger than he was in Game of Thrones which threw me off. [01:35:15] Speaker F: Also should have done better having thought a zombie polar bear in Game of. [01:35:18] Speaker A: Thrones it's also got Ashe Jackson Jr who everybody forgets exists I think until he turns up in a film and unfortunately it's actually Ray Lotter's last screen credit, I believe. [01:35:31] Speaker B: I don't think Ray would have mind this was his last film. [01:35:35] Speaker A: No, he's having a great time in. [01:35:37] Speaker C: It, from what I can tell. [01:35:39] Speaker A: The things that I love about it a it's 90 minutes, so it doesn't mean that you're sat in the cinema for three and a half hours wait for a plot to develop. It's very much the plot is Aber's had a lot of coke and he's very angry. That is the plot of the film, and that's all it needs to be to a certain extent. It's a fun romp. It's just what it calls back to those 80s kind of VHS movies, which you'd watch with your mates when you probably weren't young enough, old enough to really be watching it, but it was just purely there as fun. And if you want to watch what pretty much is a horror film of people getting mauled by a bear for 90 minutes while it's high on cocaine, fulfills that need. [01:36:24] Speaker C: Story is a delivery method for just gore, I believe. [01:36:28] Speaker A: Yeah. And it is, surprisingly, gory for a 15 rating. I was quite surprised when it was a 15, to be honest. [01:36:35] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:36:36] Speaker A: So also says frequent drug use in. [01:36:39] Speaker C: The 15 due to drug references on the BBFC card at the beginning. Surprisingly. [01:36:45] Speaker B: Really? [01:36:46] Speaker A: Yes. [01:36:46] Speaker C: Would never expect it. [01:36:47] Speaker A: And it's called Crazy Bear in Front, so I'm assuming they removed that for one particular reason. But it is, if you want 90 minutes of switching your brain off and watching a bear strung out on cocaine, mauling people, it fulfills that need completely. It was a film which I don't think I ever wanted to be made, or ever thought it was conceptualized of being made. But it's good fun. It's worth a watch. [01:37:10] Speaker B: Now, you've mentioned that it's called something different in France. I wonder if it's called Things Different elsewhere. Like in La. It's executive. [01:37:22] Speaker A: Mean. [01:37:22] Speaker B: Lee, you watched it. [01:37:23] Speaker A: Sam, you watched it. What's your thoughts on mean? [01:37:26] Speaker F: Exactly what you were just saying. It's a lot of fun. There's no character development beyond Alive to Dead, basically. There's barely any plot, but it doesn't need any you know what you're going in for. And if you're going in for anything else, then you might be disappointed. [01:37:48] Speaker B: A good double bill with yeah, yeah. [01:37:51] Speaker A: Or what was that one with them. [01:37:53] Speaker B: As Big St Bernard went around mauling people, which is probably not as gory. [01:37:57] Speaker C: Which is appropriate because Stephen King was high on cocaine when he wrote the book and doesn't remember writing it. [01:38:03] Speaker A: I was trying to remember what was the one with the weird, the angry baboon. This is one of those terrible 70s movies where it was like a baboon escape from a lab and that was ripping people's faces. [01:38:14] Speaker B: Yeah. I can remember what that is. I can't remember the title of it. [01:38:18] Speaker A: So it lives in those genres of animal is angry. Animal wants to be angry. [01:38:23] Speaker C: It's like I said, it is exactly the movie I expected it to be. I was like, I'm going into this knowing that it is going to be a really dumb movie that's just going to be just ridiculousness for 90 minutes. It leans into it into the ridiculous premise, which is exactly what I wanted it to do. I had fun with it. [01:38:39] Speaker E: That's what I kind of got with Barbarella. I went in knowing it was just going to be one big soft core and I was like, this is going to be soft core pornography with a fantasy. And that's exactly what I got. I was like every scene, I was just like, why does she have to get naked? Why is there an orgasm machine? [01:38:53] Speaker B: What's going on? [01:38:54] Speaker E: Why is the angel bedding her? Why is she in sheep skin? But it was enjoyable. It's the same thing. [01:39:01] Speaker A: It is one of those turn your brain off and just beyond for the ride. [01:39:04] Speaker B: I think I'm just glad it wasn't. [01:39:06] Speaker A: Released in 4D, put it that way. [01:39:08] Speaker B: And I think in the run up to the Oscars, it's good to know that sometimes films can just be dumb as F, really. [01:39:17] Speaker C: And they should also just give Cocaine Bear an Oscar just for the sake of it. [01:39:21] Speaker A: For that title. [01:39:24] Speaker C: Best named movie of the year. [01:39:27] Speaker B: I think there is already an asylum knockoff, but I do hope we do get like Cocaine Bear two and Cocaine Bear three and it's like there is potential for a sequel for the yeah, I hope we do see some sequels. [01:39:41] Speaker C: Or just go through the animal kingdom. [01:39:44] Speaker B: Haven't they said they were going to cocaine Elephant? [01:39:49] Speaker A: Cocaine Elephant would be quite cocaine meerkat. [01:39:53] Speaker E: Cocaine meerkat. It would be phenomenal. [01:39:55] Speaker B: Don't they run kind of like insurance companies? [01:39:59] Speaker E: It works. [01:40:00] Speaker C: Which is going to be funny because they always show up before a film. [01:40:07] Speaker A: The one weird thing about the movie, which took me forever to work out, olden Aaron Ricks in it, I can never get his name right. The guy who played Han Solo and it took me forever to work out, it's like, you're Han Solo, aren't you? [01:40:20] Speaker C: I saw his name in the credits and was thinking back who he actually was. [01:40:25] Speaker A: It's Han Solo with a mullet and a denim shirt. [01:40:28] Speaker B: I've just realised what they should do is Cocaine Bear in different animals but in different countries. So like, when you get to Britain, it's cocaine Doormouse, cocaine badger. [01:40:40] Speaker C: Badger would work. Or cocaine. [01:40:42] Speaker B: Fox. I think badgers don't need cocaine. [01:40:46] Speaker D: I think you need almost like B movie cinematic universe. Cocaine bear versus sharknado. [01:41:00] Speaker E: So that was your choice then, was it, Ryan? [01:41:02] Speaker B: That was your geeky thing. [01:41:03] Speaker A: It was my one geeky thing. I thought for Lord and Miller to produce, I thought they might have written it, but it was just kind of a Lego Movie cocaine bit. Definitely not the same audience and deadpool somewhere. [01:41:25] Speaker E: Thank you. [01:41:25] Speaker A: Joining us on this week's episode of Geeky Brummie, if we're not impartial, we will be replaced by highlights. Next time keith, where can find you online? [01:41:35] Speaker B: You can find me online at Gary. No, at Hardlook underscore hotel on Twitter and without the underscore pretty much everywhere else. Hive mastodon. I don't post on there because I. [01:41:48] Speaker A: Just have an account. [01:41:49] Speaker B: Yeah, I am posting more pictures on Instagram, strangely. Yeah. So, yeah, it's hard look hotel if it's not Duck Dodgers. Duck Dodgers. They're both ducks. Easy to mistake. Yeah, it's probably me. [01:42:05] Speaker F: Awesome. [01:42:05] Speaker A: Lee, how about yourself? [01:42:07] Speaker C: You can find me on YouTube at Bob the Fetferret. You can find me on Twitter doing updates to the channel bob the FET ferret. But my usual personal Twitter is the cheap ferret. You can probably also find stuff I've written on various video game websites at this point. So currently publishing stuff on gamerAn and Silicon Era now, so I'm expanding my empire. [01:42:30] Speaker A: I've just got cocaine ferret in my head. Just imagine a ferret on cocaine already. [01:42:36] Speaker B: Into playing stable frame. [01:42:40] Speaker C: Don't give me ideas. This is going to be too high effort for what I do, but it's in my head now and I'm like, maybe. [01:42:52] Speaker A: Matt, how about yourself? [01:42:54] Speaker D: Where can you find me? You can find me. Where can you find me? You can find me on Twitter at Mr Matt Lovell. Most talk about esports and retweet and Kiki premier stuff. You could find me on Instagram at Matchtick underscore Matt, where I haven't really been taking any selfies because I've been lazy. And you can occasionally find me on Geeky Premier as well. [01:43:24] Speaker A: Awesome. Shanice, how about yourself? [01:43:26] Speaker B: Where can find you? [01:43:27] Speaker E: You can mainly find me on Instagram at Idle Creep 101. But keep an eye out because on TikTok I'm now starting to edit videos of manga recommendations on TikTok with the what's it called again? The Handle. The Handle. The Handle. Idle Creep. All one word. Just if you're into manga and you want to hear about nice Shonen good. [01:43:48] Speaker B: Shoju then, yeah, pop on I'm Sam. [01:43:51] Speaker A: How about yourself? [01:43:52] Speaker F: Yeah, you can find me on Instagram at SD Edwards 89 and I don't post there very often. I just had to look up to remind myself what the name was. But I'm on there and I'll be putting an Oscar's prediction blog thing on e. I [email protected] I think I'll put. [01:44:17] Speaker B: The link in the description. [01:44:20] Speaker A: You can find me at Ryan Parrish on Twitter, which is just pretty much the Geeky roommate geeky goings on on Retweet feed. But don't forget to follow Geekygones on as well, which is our sister account, which Viv looks after it. She gives you all the events coming up in the Midlands area. So mix of bands, films, independent cinema shows. Yeah, go and check that out. Food, drink, wine, all those things. But you can find us [email protected] at Geeky Brummy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Hive, which we've done nothing with maston, which we've done nothing with. Geeky Brummy on YouTube, of course, and wherever you get your podcasting services, thank you for joining us. As I said, we'll be replaced by highlights for the next few weeks because we're all in solidarity with Keith Lee. But for then, goodbye like follow subscribe I miss your long hair. I realized how much I missed it when I looked at the palace cosplay. [01:45:24] Speaker B: Well, when it's all great, we'll come. [01:45:25] Speaker A: Back you're going to go full gandalf. [01:45:28] Speaker B: All the way down. [01:45:29] Speaker A: Full gandalf. [01:45:30] Speaker E: I want you to do that when you get old you're not going to please you took so good with his. [01:45:37] Speaker D: Long hair it did look luxurious and. [01:45:39] Speaker E: Unity honestly was so sexy once again see, I've got a radar for it. [01:45:44] Speaker B: Such an effort to wash those mine was called the Mane of loveliness. [01:45:49] Speaker A: Like a tiger.

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